Driving specialist states how Rishi Sunak’s new policies will affect motorists

The popular petrolhead Abigayle, who is better known as SheTalkCars, has explained some of the key points raised at the Conservative Conference that could affect drivers.

Whilst news on the scrapping of the northern stretch of the HS2 rail line took centre stage, the conference also saw many announcements for the road network.

Posting to her TikTok page, Abigayle highlighted that UK motorists should expect to see two new kinds of camera appear at the roadside in the near future.

She explained: “They were trialled in the UK, including in Keighley, and the Government has decided to roll these out, so if your car is noisy, you could get a £100 fine.

“They’re not the only cameras coming because these weird looking things are CCTV cameras that monitor people throwing litter. They’re to stop people littering from their cars.”

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Noise cameras, which were previously trialled in Bradford, Great Yarmouth, Birmingham and South Gloucestershire, use a set of microphones to detect loud-revving or modified vehicles that exceed vehicle decibel limits.

According to the RAC, 58 percent of UK motorists are in favour of the cameras, with over a third stating that they regularly hear unnecessarily noisy vehicles.

Similarly, litter cameras, often referred to as ‘littercam’, were successfully trialled in Maidstone during 2021 after a study found that littering from a vehicle had increased by 250 percent since the Covid pandemic.

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Abigayle also noted that Rishi Sunak also highlighted that he plans to prevent the rollout of 15-Minute Cities, in which drivers may be discouraged from travelling outside of their town or neighbourhood.

She continued: “What about 15-Minute Cities? Well, they’re going to be consulting with local authorities in a bid to stop them doing this, apparently.

“Remember consulting doesn’t mean doing, it just means talking.”

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Whilst the idea of a ‘city’ in which all essential aspects of life can be accessed within a 15-minute walk is seen as a way to reduce emissions, some have called the plans ‘dystopian’.

Speaking at the conference, Transport Secretary Mark Harper said that some councils could use the idea to control citizens.

He said: “There’s nothing wrong with making sure people can walk or cycle to the shops or school. What is sinister and what we shouldn’t tolerate is the idea that local councils can decide how often you go to the shops and that they ration who uses the roads and when, and they police it with CCTV.”

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