Mercedes' New Automated Driving Indicator Lights Are Genius. Here's Why

Mercedes-Benz is the world’s first automaker to secure permits for special exterior marker lights for automated driving in California and Nevada. The California permit allows testing vehicles to feature these lights for an initial two-year period, while the Nevada permit extends to model year 2026 production vehicles, valid until statutory modifications are enacted.

These marker lights serve a crucial purpose, enhancing public acceptance of automated driving and bolstering road safety. Integrated into the front and rear lights, as well as the two outside mirrors of testing vehicles, the turquoise-colored lights indicate the status of the automated driving system, aiding both road users and law enforcement.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz with turquoise marker lights

The first use case for these marker lights will be with Drive Pilot, the world’s first Level 3 system for conditionally automated driving with international type approval. Drive Pilot, certified in Germany in 2021 and in Nevada and California in 2023, is already available for order in Germany.

The choice of turquoise for these marker lights stems from its visibility, allowing rapid detection by other road users, and its differentiation from existing lighting and traffic signals, the automaker says. Mercedes even aims to standardize the use of turquoise, contributing to global understanding and acceptance of this technology.

In summary, if you spot a Mercedes with turquoise marker lights, don’t worry. Rest assured that it’s part of an industry-leading initiative to communicate automated driving status, contributing to a safer and more harmonized driving future.ย 

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