Pics: My Kawasaki Ninja 300 gets PPF & a ceramic coating

PPF comes with a 3-year warranty. Ceramic coating has a free extra coating after a year.

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Akira | Detailing Update

This was already on the bucket list. I just wanted to get the 1st service done first. I surfed the internet for the Detailing shops and found few. Called the top-rated ones and enquired about the process and the cost. The quoted cost was almost the same across the shops I called. So decided to go with the top-rated one which is Ceramic Pro Cochin. Even the Kawasaki Cochin sales executive recommended the same. I visited their shop one fine evening. The shop is at Kalamassery. Talked with Vipin who I believe is the owner of the shop, detailed to me the cost, process, and materials used. Since the PPF is very expensive, I decided to get it done on Tank alone. Before, I was thinking of doing PPF on the rear panels below the pillion seat. Because when I tie the luggage the bungee cords rub the panels and could leave some marks in the long run. Since this will cost 1K for each panel on both sides I dropped the plan. It would be cost-effective to replace the panels as such instead of doing PPF. Should be comparatively cheap that way.

The cost split up:

  • Kavaca ION PPF on Tank: 9000/-
  • Ceramic coating on entire parts: 13800/-

PPF comes with a 3-year warranty. Ceramic coating has a free extra coating after a year. They also gave me a 1Ltr shampoo bottle and 3 microfiber cloths for pampering the bike.

It took 4 days to complete the full process which is acceptable. Rushing through the process is not good in the detailing industry. Akira looks even more stunning post the detailing treatment.

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