11,000 km in 6 months with a Nexon EV max: My experience & total range

I was able to get 300 km plus range in city with normal driving.

BHPian ferrarirules recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I travel between Faridabad and Noida for office. I wanted to share some things that I achieved in this week’s driving to and fro from office.

I have driven my EV max 11k kms in last 6 months of ownership.

Driving style – When I drive to office – I usually keep a max speed of 70 kmph where road and traffic permit. Rest is as per traffic conditions. I use cruise control wherever possible

Parameters – Tyre pressure is set to 35 psi. AC is set to 26 at AUTO and ECON mode. Regen is set to 3 and drive mode is ECO

I was able to get 318 km range with 2% battery left. Before people roast me for draining the battery too much. I was doing a deep discharge which should be done every few months. I usually charge my car when the SOC reaches 20%

What I achieved out of this

Was reaching 2% in day to day use a breeze? No, I was anxious when the SOC touched 5% and my home was still 15 kms away. But I had backup plan already in my mind.

Trip meter

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