My Skoda Kodiaq TSI: Two niggles I faced in 7 months of ownership

While closing the passenger side front door, there was an uncomfortable crunch as opposed to the expected solid thud.

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The second niggle in my 7 months of otherwise delightful ownership of my Kodiaq.

Niggle -1: Noisy wiper blades judder and leaving streaks – addressed in June by realigning wipers.

Niggle -2: Happened yesterday afternoon: Skoda Logo projector on front passenger side come off:

While closing the passenger side front door, there was an uncomfortable crunch as opposed to the expected solid thud. Much to my dismay, found the Skoda Logo projector lamp has come out of its socket below the door pad and was dangling about 10 mm below, and a tell tale scrape / cut in the door sill rubber beading. Surprising as I’ve been always gentle with my vehicle over rough patches of road, and am positive of no external physical forces ( I clean my car personally, so I will know if a cleaning rag caught the edge and yanked off).

Took my car to Raja Skoda service Center promptly – The technician examined and took a picture showing the plastic snap lock (holding the logo projector lamp) has snapped ( pun intended). I asked for replacement under warranty. As it was closing time and a long weekend ahead, they asked me if I can come back on Tuesday morning for them to raise a warranty claim and order for the part, and they will inform me when the part has reached for me to come back and get it fitted. Meanwhile, to prevent further damage to the door sill beading, they unplugged and removed the projector off the socket and handed over to me.

The experience was generally good so far, except for a nagging feeling the lead Service advisor was examining and asking questions about PPF application and running his fingers beneath the door feeling for for PPF edge, as if he was hunting for a reason to deny for my request to replace the part under warranty. Hopefully, it was just me being paranoid reading too much about horror stories of Skoda customer service, but he almost looked disappointed when I told him there was no PPF applied on the car except bumpers ( and hence implied there was never a reason for the door pads to be removed by any 3rd party, for him to deny my request for replacement under warranty).

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