McLaren GT gets limited edition MSO spec in UK

Always fancied a GT painted like a P1 or an F1 GT? Now's your chance…

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, 20 September 2023 / Loading comments

It’s probably fair to say that the GT hasn’t quite captured hearts and minds like McLaren hoped it would (we rated it 14th out of 16 in our recent and totally scientific ranking session). Likely sensing this shortfall in affection, McLaren Special Operations (MSO) has been tasked with jazzing up Woking’s Grand Tourer, and this is the result: eight GT by MSO cars, exclusively for the UK. Lovely. 

There are four colour and material combos available that have never been seen before on the GT, with just two examples of each to be made. All the new colours have their roots in McLarens past, though, because nothing sells quite like heritage. See the green, for example, which is officially XP Green – just like the legendary F1 XP GT Longtail prototype from back in the 90s. For this MSO edition, it’s paired with tan leather, a traditional spec choice that works as well for this GT as any other.

Those after something bolder from McLaren Special Operations might be intrigued by the Cerulean Blue option; it was a paint first developed for the P1 and has been a popular MSO option ever since. McLaren says the blue metallic with bright pearlescent tones ‘highlights the GT’s muscular lines’.

Speaking of the P1, the MSO GT is also offered in Cyber Yellow, an evolution of the Volcano Yellow so often seen on the first Ultimate Series McLaren. As with the blue, the pair of yellow GTs get a black interior. All eight, in fact, get black lightweight forged alloy wheels, the MSO Black Pack (mirrors, window surrounds, exhaust finishers) and a gloss black roof. The final colour option for these MSO’d GTs is Sarigan Quartz, the same hue as found on the Speedtail prototype that soared through 250mph more than 30 times (!) during testing at the Kennedy Space Centre.

Nick Crossley is UK Market Director for McLaren. He said of the new limited edition: “The GT remains a milestone car for McLaren, and GT by MSO is the perfect way to pay tribute to its position as the everyday McLaren for the UK. Its combination of lightweight, carbon fibre supercar design and performance with versatile grand touring abilities are now celebrated in a way like never before, and exclusively for our home market.” 

There’s no word yet on price, but obviously buyers will have to move fast given the tiny run. The GT by MSO isn’t the only way into a funky spec, though, as there’s always those already on the used market. There can’t be many other GTs in Flux Green, for example, or McLaren Orange. And check this one out for real rarity – it has silver wheels…

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