JD Power: Hyundai’s mobile connectivity app rated best in industry

29% of ICE vehicle owners who use the mobile app have experienced connectivity issues

With connected tech becoming popular, more & more automakers are offering apps which help connect the cars to their driver’s smartphones. However, ICE-powered car owners feel that the basic usability of these connected features has been disappointing.

As per reports, 29% of ICE vehicle owners who use the mobile app have experienced connectivity issues; of these, two-thirds blame the slow responsiveness of the program as the main problem.

Jason Norton, Senior Manager of Global Automotive Consulting, JD Power, stated, “Smartphone apps remain a highly problematic vehicle feature, even as manufacturers continue to focus on resolving connectivity-related issues.” He further added, “It’s clear that customers will have a better overall ownership experience if they have a better smartphone app experience.”

As per the 2023 US OEM ICE App Report by JD Power, app speed is the key performance indicator with the lowest satisfaction levels among customers. The report mentions that the feature which owners complain the most about is using their app for remote controls, like locking/unlocking the door. Having said that, the most important feature for customers using the mobile app is said to be ‘Vehicle Status Information’.

JD Power reports that Hyundai’s ‘MyHyundai with BlueLink’ is the top-rated mobile app among the mass-market brands with 803/1000 points. The ‘MeConnect’ app of Mercedes-Benz secures the top spot among the premium brands with 800/1000 points.

On the opposite end of the list is the Chrysler mobile app with 656/1000 points and Audi’s ‘myAudi’ app with 620/1000 points.

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