Bentley and Ducati partner on stunning Diavel

'A striking synthesis of technology, style and performance' – you can say that again

By Matt Bird / Friday, 8 December 2023 / Loading comments

When Ducati collaborates with other brands in the VW empire, it tends to do so in outrageous fashion. See the Streetfighter V4 Lamborghini, for example. And who can forget the epic, v-twin-engined VW XL Sport? Now there’s one more to add to the collection: the Ducati Diavel for Bentley. 

Said to be inspired by the Batur, the Diavel has been created to show off the best of both brands. So it’s painted in a Mulliner special shade of Scarab Green, with design input from Centro Stile Ducati. Additionally marking it out over a regular Diavel V4 are bespoke forged rims styled to look like those of the 740hp Bentley, side intakes to resemble the Batur’s grille, and a front mudguard said to be reminiscent of the bonnet. Even the rear of the bike is meant to evoke the rump of the car. Which does feel a bit of a stretch, given how far apart Diavel and Batur are – although it does make for one heck of a sexy motorbike. Expensive materials abound, as might be expected, with lots of carbon bodywork and a rider’s seat in Alcantara. The red fabric underneath is identical to that used on a Batur.

The Diavel for Bentley is powered by a 1,158cc V4 producing 168hp; a very different prospect to the twin-turbo W12 6.0-litre but likely just as exciting in its own way. Bentley suggests the vee is ‘powerful, rich in torque but also extremely light and compact’, with a firing order and exhaust that ‘unmistakably characterise the timbre’ of the sounds. 

The 500 customers of the special Diavel will receive plenty of goodies alongside a Ducati with their purchase. As is the limited edition Bentley way, of course. There’s a certificate of authenticity, bike cover and a build plaque, plus every single one will be delivered in a personalised wooden case. Right. There’s more, too, as buyers will also be able to purchase items from the Capsule Collection, which is reserved exclusively for those buying the bike. (It’s a helmet and jacket, basically, in the colour scheme of the Diavel.) Expect the collection to cost a lot, and for approximately 500 of them to be sold. 

Then, finally, for anyone who thinks the Diavel for Bentley and the Capsule Collection are just not exclusive enough, there will be another 50 bikes kept back for those who are existing Crewe customers. Anyone lucky enough to get a Diavel for Bentley Mulliner (good job there’s not a badge) will work directly with the Centro Stile Ducati to configure the bike how they wish, with customisation available for the saddle, wheels, carbon parts and front brake calipers. The bike can even be colour-matched to your Mulliner-specced Bentley, which ought to make quite the pair.

The special Diavel has been revealed at the Art Basel expo in Miami, pitched as nothing less than ‘a vision of performance, craftsmanship and exclusivity’. So it’ll be expensive. A Diavel V4 is £23,595 already, and that’s before any Bentley influence. Best not to even think about the Mulliner ones. Still, you aren’t likely to be at Art Basel in Miami this time of year without some spending money. And Scarab Green does look really, really good…

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