4 annoying things about my XUV300 TurboSport after 10,000 km

It’s a wonderful car and I thoroughly enjoy every moment in it but I just want everything to work properly.

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A quick update from my side.

My car crossed the 10k km mark in September- 8 months old. I got a call from India Garage just before that stating a recall. An ECU firmware update. No noticeable changes in the driving though.

In other news, I got the elusive link rods replaced. For the second time. They say that the part number is changed this time and the noise shouldn’t be heard with this part. Hoping dearly! A shoutout to the India Garage, Peenya guys for following up and informing me when the part was back in stock. They take feedback seriously and act on it. (IG, if you’re reading this, please keep up the good work!)

I feel these to be some of the annoying bits in the car. Is it just me?

It’s a wonderful car and I thoroughly enjoy every moment I’m in it. It does all the ‘car things’ really well. The other ‘convenience’ bits are kinda annoying. No, I didn’t get the car for these gimmicks. (Would’ve got a Kia or an MG) I just want them to work properly and ranting it out here – Misery, also, loves company.

Btw, the recent Autocar video of the ever-so-light Citroen C3 Turbo beating the Turbosport in a quarter-mile drag has made the 8-year-old inside me lose sleep!

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Nobody told me anything about a firmware update.

Could you please post the part number? I did put it up in an earlier post on this thread. Does it match that one? I’ve had no problem since I changed them once.

  1. To be honest, I’ve never paid any attention to the car’s indication of fuel efficiency. Always tank-to-tank. 9.2 seems reasonable.
  2. Sorry to hear about the water leaks. I put my car through a pressure wash once every couple of months or so. I haven’t faced this difficulty.
  3. I have only ever used the wipers in the automatic mode which I’m very happy with. I haven’t quite figured that out yet myself.
  4. Yes. This is true. I pointed this out above. The SA later told me it is only for the AMT variants, and now the XUV300 brochure says it is only for the AMTs. The brochure shared with me when I booked didn’t say that though. This is a letdown.

On that drag race: Powerful as the TurboSport may be, I think its highlight is the relative ease with which it offers that performance. Remarkably good NVH and insulation, and a very stable platform. I’ll (conveniently and cheekily) use that to ignore the C3.

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