2,800 km with an Tata Altroz petrol AT: Overall experience & mileage

The maximum mileage on highways has been 20 km/L.

BHPian ssathiyanarayan recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Quick update after some 4 months and 2800 kms

Having driven across a variety of terrains and mostly in the urban jungle with heavy B2B the principle contributor to mileage here are some observations over the months:

What I Love

  • Mature ride handling – Though I’ve not touched / crossed the triple digit speeds, the ride of this beast is very mature for its class
  • Good AC – The AC unit is very good. Xpress cool is added boon
  • 1.2 NA Engine – I was wrong at being skeptical about its performance. It is good and has been doing the duties well. Its very rev happy as well
  • iRA – After the initial hiatus and the app glitches, things have improved after the new app updates
  • Rain sensing wipers, Rear wiper with wash – really useful features
  • Head lamp levelling – Finally found the desired level
  • In the heavy traffic of city like the B2B, the DCA is a bliss to drive with just a foot on the brakes and no A pedal inputs
  • Sound system – Many have really complimented for such a nice audio system on car

What could have better or changed:

  • Tata ASS – They have a long way to go
  • GC of 165 mm – Though the suspension set-up is good, the GC at 180 cms would have done wonders, my personal opinion
  • The car’s rear design – I like the ones on Harrier and Punch. Altroz seems a bit half cooked one
  • The omission of the driving modes in the DCA variants
  • Provision of led strip lighting on the boot door
  • Rear seat could have been a bit more reclined
  • Magic seats 60:40 split at rear – Would have brought practicality and value for the hatchback
  • Provide an option of Tan orange interiors – It would have added colour and pep to the dull interiors
  • Rear camera resolution could have been better along with a different spot to avoid getting covered in mud and muck during rainy days
  • Add front parking sensors & integrate them with radar sensor to provide real-time collision alerts. Could be done with rear parking sensors as well.
  • Redesign the headlight assembly and provide separate LED projector lights as well with a 4500k hue


This is the biggest thing that matters in India. “Kitna deta hai”. One thing I’ve learnt in life being a Quality and ESH personnel is nothing comes handy that a well built and safe product. So for me mileage is not principle deciding factor but nonetheless expenses have to be tracked. My mileage figures are below:

  • B2B drives – 8 to 10 kmpl
  • City drives – 10 to 12 kmpl
  • Highway drives – 16 to 20 kmpl

I’m neither a pedal to metal driver or a sedate one. I’m an opportunistic driver willing to rev, take cuts and quickly pull over the gaps, finish a quick overtake. So my mileage figures are bit on the lower side. I don’t maintain things in steady state – like keeping the rpms steady and providing very steady throttle inputs. It’s one thing I’m trying to master and envy those who have such gifts. I’m starting to drive with a light foot and cool head – This has helped me to avoid road rage issues and also get decent mileage figures over the experimented drives. Maybe a couple of long drives and I should have got habituated well with Optimus.

Altroz wishes me on Birthday

Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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