New all-electric Mercedes eActros 600 lorry will keep on truckin' for 310 miles

Mercedes is looking to change the haulage landscape with a new fully-electric truck

Mercedes has a wide variety of all-electric vehicles, ranging from cars to vans, and it’ll soon be able to add trucks to this list with the new eActros 600. 

The all-electric lorry will arrive in the UK by the end of 2024, by which time it will have rivals from Renault Trucks, Scania and Volvo. Sales of the eActros will start in 2023, although pricing hasn’t been revealed. A 50-strong fleet of prototypes are currently in production, which some customers are helping with practical testing. 

Given the size and weight (22 tonnes) of the eActros 600, Mercedes has given it a chunky battery pack to enable 310 miles of electric-only running. The substantial 621kWh battery is made up from three 207kWh packs – a decent amount larger than the 107kWh unit you get in the EQS SUV. Mercedes also says the eActros has a payload of 22 tonnes. 

There’s also a maximum output of 815bhp and power is sent through two electric motors via a four-speed transmission designed specifically for use in long-haul transport. Energy can be recouped during coasting and sent back into the batteries, alleviating stress on the braking system. There are five different levels of recuperation, ranging up to one-pedal driving. 

Compared to a diesel Actros, Mercedes claims a CO2 saving of around 40 per cent with current European energy mixes. The German firm also says the total product lifecycle CO2 saving is around 80 per cent over the diesel, or 775 tonnes of CO2. 

Despite the massive batteries, Mercedes says recharging from 20 to 80 per cent should take around 30 minutes. This does come with the caveat of megawatt charging, which hasn’t been rolled out yet. 

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