2025 Ram 1500 Facelift Drops Camo, Spied Inside And Out In Big Horn Trim

It’s no secret that Ram is working on a refreshed pickup truck. On the outside, changes are coming to the front and rear. Now, we have a glimpse inside thanks to a new set of spy shots from Colorado, catching multiple prototypes at rest in a parking lot.

Based on the wheel design, we believe these are Ram 1500 trucks in Big Horn trim. That’s a bit further downscale from our previous Rebel sighting, not to mention the spy shots we caught of a new range-topping trim called Tungsten. The level of camouflage on the front is still the same, with a combination of heavy covers and swirl wrap hiding details. Still, we can see the outline of a redesigned bumper behind the black vinyl. The lower grille in the bumper could grow a bit inside a neatly proportioned cutout. Higher up, we can glimpse redesigned headlights that could be a touch smaller.

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At the back, we’re treated to a surprise. The heavier covers are gone, and unless those taillights are placeholders, we’re looking at a new design before Ram wants you to see it. The overall shape looks the same, but the lenses now feature a reverse light in the middle. Camouflage wrap on the tailgate and rear bumper suggests minor updates to body lines, but nothing drastic stands out. A janky exhaust tip extending well behind the bumper is decidedly not production-spec.

Now for the interior. Ram already boasts a handsome greenhouse with plenty of practical functionality, and it appears that won’t change much at all. A quick glimpse shows everything uncovered and looking like the current truck, with one exception. There’s a cover over the row of knobs and buttons beneath the center screen. It could be hiding a redesigned layout, controls for new features, or it could simply be a temporary pocket to hold a bag of chips. In any case, it points to something happening in that general area.

Perhaps it could relate to what’s happening under the hood. The updated Ram is expected to get the twin-turbocharged Hurricane inline-six engine currently in use with Jeep. It should replace the Hemi V8 that’s been a staple of Ram long before it spun off from Dodge to become its own brand. The engine might lack two cylinders and the V8 soundtrack, but it will be significantly more powerful while also being more efficient.

Ram already has 2024 models listed on its website, but it will be long before all the covers are removed. As such, we’re confident this refresh is coming for the 2025 model year, with a full reveal possibly happening by the end of the year.

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