Lamborghini's New Active Toe And Camber Tech Is A Big Step For Performance Cars

Lamborghini is currently testing the next evolution in vehicle dynamics, the Active Wheel Hub. The new technology will give software even more control over the vehicle, actively adjusting the wheels’ toe and camber settings on the fly.

The new system gives cars up to 2.5 degrees of positive or 5.5 degrees of negative camber. The toe can adjust up to 6.6 degrees in or out, adjusting up to 60 degrees a second.

Lamborghini controls the system with 48-volt electric motors that it will upgrade to take advantage of the 400-volt systems from plug-in hybrids and battery-electric vehicles. A large hub assembly houses the rotating flanges that control the camber and toe adjustments. The system, which Lamborghini designed for the rear wheels, connects to the half-shafts from the transmission and the wheel hubs.

The company’s testing found that the system can make its vehicles 2.5 seconds quicker around Nardo, 2.2 seconds quicker at Imola, and about five seconds faster at the Nordschleife. Lamborghini also says the system will provide up to 25 percent more cornering force.

The technology is still in the development stage but has yet to pass the fine-tuning part of testing. However, it could see its first application in Lamborghini vehicles in 12 to 18 months, according to It might even pop up on the upcoming Huracan successor that launches late next year, helping to improve the supercar’s overall handling.

Rouven Mohr, Lamborghini’s Chief Technical Officer, told Car and Driver that the hurdle to the technology isn’t the hardware. The challenge will be getting the hub to work in concert with the other software systems, like stability control and active aerodynamics, that the company will work to solve in the coming months.

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