Everyone needs a website today, whether they are running a small business or a large one. Hosting services are necessary to make that website available to the public over the internet. So, different companies provide different hosting services. The two most common types are VPS and shared. Here we will be elaborating on which one of them is better.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting means Virtual Private Server hosting. Here you share the resources on the server, but the interface of the VPS makes it look and feel like you are getting dedicated hosting services.

So, the experience is better, but the control and performance, flexibility, and security are also better. When looking at VPS hosting, you shouldn’t get confused with VPN. VPS is a hosting type while VPN is more like a tool to keep your identity private. Check all the differences between VPS versus VPN.

Why should you go for VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is a perfect option for businesses expanding in both their physical and online space. So, it may call for a better budget and more investment because VPS hosting will help in efficiently managing higher traffic.

  • With VPS hosting, you get root access to the server
  • There are more resources
  • Other sites’ traffic does not affect the performance of your site
  • Better stability and performance

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is the most basic type of hosting, and it might be the cheapest one available as well. As the name explains, it is the hosting type where you share most of the resources like storage and hardware. It makes the prices cheapest, but the service quality, control, and experience also go down.

Why should you go for Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting makes an amazing choice for people working on blogs and small business websites with not a lot of daily or monthly visits. These websites also have a small budget for hosting and web development.

  • It does not need a huge setup.
  • There is no need to have a lot of technical knowledge
  • It is better for beginners

Which one is better?

Saying that one of these is better and the other one is not will be fair. Both of these hosting types make a perfect choice for their specific clients. So, determining which one is better depends more on one’s requirements than their specifications.

With that said, if you have the least amount of traffic on your website, then it will be efficient to go with shared hosting. Similarly, if your traffic is increasing and you are expecting it to increase more, then going for VPS might help.

Final Verdict

Knowing which type of hosting will be better for you is better when you need the best blend of performance and affordability. For some websites going for a powerful hosting works like an overkill. So, it just disturbs their budget. The best solution, in any case, is to first figure out which service brings the best value for your money and fulfills your requirements. Then you can make the best decision.