Took my brand-new Skoda Kodaiq on a 3,000 km drive 1 day after delivery

Since, this is a brand new car we did not drive past the soft limit of 80km/hr

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Completed a 3000KM trip on the Skoda Kodiaq L&K delivered on 15th Nov, 2023. The trip started on the very next day after the car delivery. The car still has a temp number on it. Our destination was Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.

The longest and the most comfortable stretch was from Noida to Varanasi around 838km.

Since, this is a brand new car we did not drive past the soft limit of 80km/hr so in this stretch which mostly consists of Yamuna Expressway, Agra-Lucknow Expressway, Lucknow-Varanasi Expressway(usually busy but we covered this after midnight so was empty), we got a mileage of 17Km/l which made us super happy. We stayed for a few hours in Varanasi before advancing.
Here is a snap of the car in Varanasi.

After halting for a few hours, we started for Jamshedpur.

This in comparison to the first stretch was small but it had a lot more uneven roads. It was during this stretch we felt the biggest difference b/w different drive modes. The comfort mode was super smooth, we did not even feel a majority of the bumps. The suspension is super smooth and silent. The car glides over bad roads. We drove in Normal mode for most of the time since we felt comfort mode would spoil us and we wouldn’t like to drive our other car(Sonet). But even in Normal mode the car’s suspension easily eats up a majority of bad patches. We drove from Day to Night and loved the headlight spread and throw. We got a mileage of 13 km/l on this stretch.
We reached our destination at night. Here is a snap from the next day morning.

Here is the beast getting a much-needed washing.

The car impressed us a lot. All of my relatives were in awe of the Car.
We started back for Noida on the 21st via the same route and the ride was again smooth and comfortable. During the return journey, since we had already crossed the 1000km mark we pushed the car to triple-digit speeds and it felt super stable and composed. Braking was superb and never felt inadequate.

This car is great for long drives. Our dog(Golden Retriever) who has trouble sleeping in other cars on long trips, could easily curl up on the back seat and sleep.

Here are some observations from our trip.
1. Get some kind of paint protection done. Some street dogs jumped at the car when it was parked and it left some very minor scratches, nothing a ceramic can’t fix.
2. The Canton speaker system is fantastic, I am not an audiophile but the system in this car sounds amazing.
3. The suspension and DCC are a game changer in this segment and price range.
4. The engine is responsive and has no difficulty in overtaking at high speeds.
5. Mileage can easily reach 15km/l if driven smoothly under 80km/hr
6. Great headlights.
7. AC Cooling is great in the first and second rows, but felt could be better in the last row.

The car is now undergoing ceramic and partial PPF treatment, after which the HSRP will be installed.

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