The one car you will buy, if it changed 2-3 things about itself

For me it would be the Virtus, get a better AC and better interiors with regards to quality! I would happily pay a premium of ₹2 lakh for these two.

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  • A car that you will realistically purchase, now or in the future.
  • The car should be on sale in India
  • Just 1 or 2 cars per post. Again, please keep it real. This isn’t a “dream car” thread.
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My Realistic Purchase

Toyota Fortuner.


Going to need a triple-seat row car in the future, practical, reliable, robust & t-o-u-g-h, too many idiots on Mumbai roads make driving delicate cars a pain, handsome styling & very modification-friendly nature, suits my 10 – 15 year typical car ownership cycle, big German SUVs are way too overpriced & fragile, perfect road-trip companion, 4×4, a status-free product like the iPhone (i.e. even billionaires who can afford more expensive products own it), is at home in any kind of garage (like the Thar), broken roads & highways make driving delicate German cars a pain, a Fortuner is the perfect garage companion to a luxury sedan or sportscar

What 2 – 3 things would it absolutely need to fix to become a part of my garage?

  • Compliant / comfortable suspension. Like the erstwhile Endeavour. Current Fortuner is way too bumpy for my tastes. I cannot suffer bad ride quality anymore. It’s a straight dealbreaker. I hear the next-gen Fortuner is going to fix this.
  • Lighter steering. Like the erstwhile Endeavour. Current steering tune of the Fortuner requires too much effort in the city. I hear the next-gen Fortuner is going to fix this.
  • Would love a turbo-petrol motor, although the 2.8L diesel is a peach & really suits the car. Still, that naturally-aspirated petrol feels a decade or two old. Even a Hybrid like the one in the Innova Hycross will do, but with more power.

Here’s what BHPian The_Rationalist had to say on the matter:

For me it would be the Virtus, get a better AC and better interiors with regards to quality! I would happily pay a premium of ₹2 lakh for these two. It’s not rocket science to get it done, Jetta had better interiors and regarding AC they can take the Ford’s AC system, the one’s who supplied for Ford have no one to sell to now! VAG is going down the Ford route by diluting their USP, they will only end like Ford. Even the Vento had better interiors!!!

Here’s what BHPian saket77 had to say on the matter:

All of the current gen C-Segment sedans: Skoda Slavia or VW Virtus.

Only if they give me peace of mind during my ownership in terms of spare part availability, cost of ownership comparable to segment standards and overall reliability.

Both cars feature understated designs which do not cry for attention, have decent build quality, should be safe and drive well. The fly in the ointment are the cost of ownership, part availability (though should not be bad for Indian made current gen cars), past records of the manufacturer in terms of attitude and recalls, and long term reliability.

If these are addressed, I would pick them anyday. Though the 5th Gen City is also tempting and I can pick it sans as many qualms as for the German twins.

Here’s what BHPian JBKS had to say on the matter:

I will buy Scorpio (now Scorpio Classic) if it were to come with at least a 4 star Safety rating, an AT and a Petrol engine. I can live with its boat like ride at the back as I drive mostly alone. I still think Scorpio is one of the few vehicles that give a great view of the road ahead. I drive a 2009 Scorpio. Have not faced any issues till now but am looking to get a Petrol AT seven seater now…

Here’s what BHPian Haze had to say on the matter:

I would buy

1: Bolero Neo, with the 1.5 Diesel engine(4 cylinder) + TC gearbox

2: Jimny if it was 2.5 lakhs cheaper (fun little 4×4 toy)

3: i20 N Line Manual if it was 2 lakhs cheaper (a more practical alternative to the polo GT)

4: Scorpio/XUV700/Carens if they had a captain seat variant in the base trim. (as a chauffeured runabout, base variants make great sense, as long as they have rear ac vents)

5: Verna if they introduce a diesel manual (I do crazy high running)

6: Seltos if they give up on their retarded iMT on the diesel

Honestly, just give me option 1, and watch me write a cheque.

Here’s what BHPian Eddy had to say on the matter:

I’d happily buy a Creta to replace my S-Cross if Hyundai:

1- Improves the safety rating to 4 stars or more

Icing on the cake would be improved looks, but that is optional.

Here’s what BHPian shishir333 had to say on the matter:

Skoda Octavia

Why – An enthusiast’s delight…most fun to drive car in the segment. That 2.0 TSI is a gem. And only if looks could kill

Fix – A sleek 6-speed manual paired with that 2.0 TSI and stiffened suspension

Just take my money please, I will hold it for a lifetime!

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