Ninja ZX-14R: One of the best purchases I made in a long time

The happiness I get riding this motorcycle and even looking at it standing in the garage more than justifies this decision.

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A quick update on this thread – I did end up getting the ZX-14R over the Ninja 1000!

The stock windscreen had a couple of scratches – probably from the dealership wiping down the screen. When this was pointed out in the PDI they were kind enough to swap out for a new screen and even gave me a choice of any screen I wanted. I went ahead with a zero gravity smoked screen and it looks better to my eyes than the clear stock screen.

The dealership also installed a battery tender harness for no additional charge. Access to the battery on the ZX14R requires the removal of a fairing panel so this makes life easier.

The only other change I made was swapping out the stock end cans for M4 Dual Retro Drag Slip Ons. None of the multiple YouTube videos I saw do any justice to how sweet these sound. I have literally no use of any more performance from the bike and it is illegal in my state to install full systems.

All in all, I am extremely satisfied with the bike and the buying experience. This was honestly a great surprise after the bad experience I had with a Ford dealership last year.

Contrary to my initial fears the insurance premium on both bikes combined (ZX14R and Ninja400) was almost the same as what I paid for my Tucson – which was a fantastic surprise.

I did opt for an additional 4-year extended warranty on both bikes (which has RSA as well) right away and there happened to be some decent drop on it as well.

I did not get too much time to ride it – just a few 100 miles currently as I had to take an India trip suddenly. I did ride it this past weekend for the first time with the M4s and I had a smile plastered under my helmet. The happiness I get riding this bike and even looking at it standing in the garage more than justifies this decision. It has to be one of the best purchases I have made in a long time.

Thank you to everyone who contributed towards this decision. I hope to keep this thread active once the weather thaws out.

With the Stock Exhaust

With the “better half”

With the M4 Exhaust

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