Looking for a Volvo XC60 replacement: What are my options upto 70 lakh

Reliability of the car & quality of after sales service and availability of parts is important

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Dear Team BHPians,

The brown mare, my Volvo XC60 will soon cross 9 years of age. During the course of its 10th year I intend to move her out of Delhi-NCR and transfer this rugged and loyal horse to an institution, outside Delhi, so that she can continue to render yeoman service for several more years. She has proved reliable as reliable can be and Volvo’s after sales service gets full marks from me.

The role the Volvo XC60 plays in my family’s life is as follows – long distance runs, runs to the airport/station with loads of bags, doubling up as the utility vehicle for household chores, transporting plants for my wife {very important, mind you}, my personal drive and the car the kids are allowed to drive when in town {we are now empty nesters}.

Which brings me to the advice I need – which car to buy to replace my Volvo XC60.

I am open to any mid-sized, super mid-sized SUV in the Rs 20 lakhs to Rs 70 lakhs range. This may seem like a rather wide range to some readers. The lower end of Rs 20 lakhs is determined by the minimum benchmark for quality of interiors. The upper number of Rs 70 lakhs is determined by my willingness to spend on a car. Of course one option is to simply go for the new Volvo XC60 mild hybrid and stay with the familiar and proven. But I am open to change too.

The key parameters laid out below are different from what most on Team BHP would go for. Maybe it is because I am in my 7th decade of life and hence have priorities suited to my age.

What I am looking for in the Volvo XC60 replacement:

Primary needs:

  • Rear seat ingress and egress – ease. Is it friendly to passengers who are older, fatter or convalescing. Does the door open to 85 degrees or to only 65 degrees. High seat bench, wide door sills and doors that force you to enter at somewhat an angle will all be unpopular as my wife and I get older
  • Rear seat ride comfort, cushy ride, NVH, leg space.
  • Safety. Important but I’m not paranoid because neither I nor my driver go much above 80 kmph even on a highway. Still 3+ stars would be nice.
  • Quality & looks of the interiors. Important to have plush looks. I like classy but muted looks. Don’t like the all black looks. Interiors with tan/beige/sage green decor are preferred.
  • Reliability of the car & quality of after sales service and availability of parts. Last several years my cars have come from Lexus, Volvo and Honda. So I am rather spoilt from an A.S.S. point of view.

Secondary needs:

Big dickey space. My relatives love travelling with several big suitcases.

Spare tyre. Can’t live with run flats.

Petrol or Petrol-Hybrid. With Delhi-NCRs 15 year rule the car would last me till the end of my self-driving life.

Not important:

  • Vroom, vroom, speed, ‘handling’ – in my eyes all cars these days are very good on handling and engine power. For the first decade and a half of my driving life I drove Padmini’s, Ambassadors, Heralds and occasionally the Maruti 800. So my yardstick is different.
  • All electric won’t work due to the car being often needed for cross country runs to slightly remote places
  • Gizmos and overdose of electronics don’t matter to me. I need a car to be a car not an infotainment device on wheels.

I am willing to look at the whole range of mid and upper mid sized SUVs from Mercedes, Volvo, Lexus, Kia, Hyundai, Toyota. Audi & BMW I’m not so sure but we can add them into the fray too. Not included Tata or JLR due to their weak reputation on A.S.S.

This is round one of my enquiries. Based on the advice coming in from fellow Team BHPians I’ll do some test drives over the next two months, then share my feedback on this thread and then in mid-2024 make the selection and go for the purchase. Maybe by June 2024 one or two more models might come in.

Thank you in advance for your inputs and advice and the trouble you take to share your suggestions.


Here’s what GTO had to say on the matter:

You should go for an MPV, depending on which you really like and your intended spend.

VFM replacement = Innova Hycross.

Splurge a little bit = next-gen Kia Carnival. Will be here in a couple of quarters.

Go all out = Toyota Vellfire.

I have a feeling you’ll like the BMW X7 with captain seats too.

Here’s what BHPian Axe77 had to say on the matter:

Here is what I think can be a decent starting list (edging marginally beyond your limit), in no specific order.

Mercedes GLC (petrol)

For your driving needs, this could perhaps be the top contender in fact. If upkeep cost is not a concern, I do believe a well maintained BMW / Mercedes can do duty for 10 – 12 years easily.

BMW X3 (petrol)

(If you can get one under 2 years old or if they relaunch it any time soon). German but reliable. Coming from a Volvo, it’ll continue giving you the whole luxury experience)

Volvo XC 60 (petrol)

Why fix what ain’t broken. More of the same is not necessarily a bad thing.

Toyota Innova Hycross (strong hybrid)

The practical choice. This will likely be the most comfortable of the lot, won’t attract attention if going to remote places and clearly one that will most easily do duty for 12 – 15 years. Only down side is its really going to make its utilitarian look and feel felt. The price of comfort and reliability.

Skoda Kodiaq (petrol)

The value luxury choice. It’ll give you European luxury at half the price. Well built and should easily do duty for 10 years if upkeep cost is not a concern. I know the reliability can be iffy but it may actually just be that top choice that doesn’t break the bank and still ticks most boxes. With a multi car garage, the contingency down time hopefully won’t be a deal breaker.

Here’s what BHPian saikishor had to say on the matter:

Though I am not really an expert and have experience no where as close as the OP does, I would strongly suggest the Innova Hycross. Frugal MPV with the legendary Toyota reliability and service support. Other option I can think of is staying within the Volvo family and get a XC60 hybrid maybe? Volvo’s have a certain class which no other brand has IMO. These two vehicles should match the OP’s requirements I feel.

Happy shopping!

Here’s what BHPian Rahul Lal had to say on the matter:

Couple of years back I was in the same situation when I will looking for a vehicle to replace my XC60. After a long search I found that the only replacement to a Volvo is a Lexus product. The level of comfort & peace of mind in after sales service will only come in a Lexus after getting used to Volvo.

In fact you are already a very respected & well recognised customer of Lexus so it will be an added benefit for you. As you know Lexus has now quite a number of models to choose from.

Here’s what BHPian lamborghini had to say on the matter:

Given you’re happy with the Lexus – why not consider the new NX?

Alternately, a friend got a very good deal on a Q7 in Delhi – though still out of budget at around 85, the space, comfort, etc. on offer is very tempting!

Personally, nothing in the 50-70L bracket is really exciting unless you will self drive and thus appreciate the handling, power, nicer interiors / features.

I think the Tucson, new Kodiaq to be launched, etc. will be all the car you would need for your requirements; and if size isn’t a concern – then the new Kia Carnival : however, I remember reading Sahil’s post where the Kia wasn’t as easy for ingress/egress for his mother as say his CRV. Of course he was referring to the current gen, not the new one – but something to definitely think about.

The Innova Hycross is somewhat a mid-way, but coming from the Lexus / Volvo : the interior quality + the ingress maybe a little bothersome.

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