Hyundai Tucson completes 8000 km: Pros, Cons, PPF & audio upgrades

After upgrading from a sedan (Fiat Linea) to this SUV, I am pleased overall with the Tucson after 8 months and 8000 kms driven.

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8000 Km Update

Would like to share a brief review and updates done in my Tucson after driving it for 8K Km.


  • Comfortable Ride Quality in both highways and city
  • Smooth handling at higher speeds on the highways. Feels planted and stable even when travelling at 100+ kph
  • Premium Styling (both Interior and exterior)


  • Audio System: The standard/sub-par audio system does not provide the premium sound quality and immersive experience I expected in this vehicle class.
  • Acceleration: When needing to quickly accelerate to pass other vehicles, especially at highway speeds, the engine and transmission response feels underpowered and lacklustre for confident highway overtaking Manoeuvres.
  • Fuel Efficiency: After previously driving a manual diesel sedan (Linea) that delivered consistently 20+ km/litre on highways, I needed time to adjust expectations with the lower fuel efficiency of an automatic petrol SUV, which achieves around 10 km/litre even with sedate driving.



Keystone Autocare, Bangalore (Mr.Nirmal)

Brand:- Auto Engage high gloss with 10 years warranty, 200 microns TPU with a top coated layer

Soon after taking delivery of my new vehicle, had PPF installed. Very satisfied with the consultative process provided by Mr. Nirmal in the process of PPF installation for my vehicle. His installation team did an excellent job with the application, ensuring a seamless fit on all painted surfaces.
PPF has performed flawlessly so far in keeping my vehicle’s exterior in pristine condition.

Audio System Upgrade by Speed Freaks, Chennai

To enhance the standard audio system, I consulted with Mr Karthik at Speed Freaks in Chennai regarding a multi-stage upgrade to achieve premium sound quality.

Stage 1 (April 2023): Sound Dampening

The first step was to install comprehensive sound dampening materials which improved the audio experience much better in the front seats, but further upgrades were still needed for optimal rear seat acoustics.

Stage 2 (October 2023): Digital Signal Processor and Speakers

Since a plug-and-play wiring harness was not yet available in India for Tucson, I remained in contact with Mr Karthik over several months as he awaited delivery of the harness from Korea.

Once acquired in September, I scheduled for the next stage upgrade. The Speed Freaks team demonstrated efficient and meticulous workmanship throughout the two-day installation process, which I observed onsite.

The final tuning took more than two-three hours post-installation to optimize the system’s sound quality, which the staff diligently completed late into the evening.

Mr Karthik fine-tuned the system for Bluetooth and Apple Car-Play sources during this phase, achieving exceptional audio fidelity.

The controller (to save presets) was not available during the installation and decided to do it at a later stage. Android Auto output didn’t have any major impact and decided to utilize iPod Touch or Bluetooth as my primary audio source until that component arrived.

Overall, the professional expertise demonstrated by Mr. Karthik and his staff resulted in a dramatically improved listening experience.

The custom audio upgrade delivered the premier sound quality I desired for enjoying music in my vehicle.

After upgrading from a sedan (Fiat Linea) to this SUV, I am pleased overall with the Tucson after 8 months and 8000 kms driven. It meets my needs well as a family SUV with good highway manners and a premium feel.

The Tucson was a nice upgrade over my previous sedan in terms of space, comfort, and capabilities. I’m satisfied so far with my decision to purchase the Hyundai Tucson and looking forward to more great drives.

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