How I ended up buying a used 2018 Ecosport AT to replace my Freestyle

It was all down to the Ecosport or the Vento, though the heart wanted the Vento, my mind was on the Ecosport.

BHPian RMN recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I’ve had my Ford Freestyle Diesel since 2018 and the ownership experience has honestly been great & peaceful. I’ve got the extended warranty till 2024 with the option to extend till 2025. Never had to claim anything and the service in Kochi, even now has been good.

Its only done 36k km but I’m at a point where I desperately need an automatic transmission due to multiple reasons and hence got me thinking of a lateral upgrade without spending too much money. I got my car upraised and received an offer much better than the market rate!

Things that I’m looking:

  • Used automatics. AMT is definitely a NO but I can live with a CVT.
  • Should be within 8L
  • Should have done <50k KM
  • Preferably a sedan

A Polo was my first consideration but the asking price for a used AT Polo here in KL is simply absurd! So that was quickly off the table and left me with the following:

  • Vento
  • Rapid
  • City

I’ve come across a 2016 Vento within my budget that has only done 30K KM and is in overall good shape – even had the plastic cover on the speedo and the around the gear – was a bit sus tbh but seems like an older gentleman was the owner and never removed it. A quick TD gave me a positive experience and I’m currently trying to pull the service records. I’ve already got a DSG Vento in my family so I’m very familiar with the car and the following are some of the points that I’m aware off:

  • Inferior fuel efficiency
  • Higher maintenance cost
  • The fear of DSG failure
  • Lack of torque compared to the Ford

I would like to have a second opinion from the community. Am I forgetting to consider any other car apart from the ones I mentioned? If I’m to go with the Vento, what all are the things I should be looking out for?

Here’s what BHPian Fiero had to say on the matter:

If the car is in good condition, 7 years/30km in nothing for the Vento – wont even be a single rattle. But it all comes down to service support. Are you confident of VW and FNG support in your area? Lets say you keep the car for the next 5 years, in the worst case (and this could happen with a Honda as well, just less likely), are you able to spend 2-3 lacs over 5 years to maintain it? Your assumption anyways should be 1-1.5 lacs for maintenance over 5 years.

I’ll let others comment on common problems; water pump is one. But a few parts (even if not DSG) are sure to change over the next 5 years.

Here’s what BHPian condor had to say on the matter:

The only point I would chip in here with: look for a VW/Skoda that has been maintained at the A.S.S, and continue that if you get one. Maintained well, these cars can last a long time from what I have heard.

Regarding the DSG’s, do check the threads about the DSG failures and high city usage where stop & go driving is high – like in larger cities/metros.

(I know that the odd complaint will be there about A.S.S).

Here’s what BHPian Rajeevraj had to say on the matter:

Have an Ecosport AT in the family. The Ecosport DCT is a fairly confused gearbox. While it is good to drive, the VW DSG is far far better. The mileage is fairly similar to what I get in my Vento TSI.

Is the Vento you are looking at a TSI DSG? Or a TDI DSG? I don’t think fuel efficiency or maintenance cost should be a deal breaker. Especially for maintenance, as you are in Cochin plenty of FNGs who will do a good job with the Vento. In addition you will have tons of modification opportunities also.

The DSG failure is a risk that will have to be considered

BHPian RMN had the following update to share:

After quite a bit of deliberation, I picked up the 2018 Ecosport in the Titanium+ variant. It has done just a few thousand kms more than my outgoing Freestyle.

It was all down to the Ecosport or the Vento, though the heart wanted the Vento, my mind was on the Ecosport and quickly also had a change of heart for the following reasons:

  • The Vento was out of warranty with no option to extend. Considering the higher service costs for VW’s and more importantly the worry about the DSG failure – I just wasn’t confident enough.
  • I wasn’t able to pull the service records
  • Equipment levels were considerably lower than then Ecosport
  • The Ecosport has warranty till the next year plus the option to extend
  • Service records were clean

Overall very happy with the purchase until I for a refuel . Thanks for all the help!

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