Facing a transmission jerk on my Harrier automatic: No fix in sight!

It happens randomly, but always from the third to second gear and not when I brake suddenly.

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I have a Tata Harrier XTA+ Dark Edition bought at the end of September 2021. It has a few issues that have been bothering me, and the biggest one is a transmission issue.

The issue is that there’s sometimes a jerk/thud when the torque converter drops the gear from 3rd to 2nd. For context, I nearly always drive in sport mode and the gear drop weirdness occurs usually when I’ve gone from a consistently higher speed to a lower one progressively. If I brake suddenly, it doesn’t reproduce.

In terms of the feeling, the thud varies from feeling like I ran over a small animal (or a deep enough pothole), to a mild jerk. It’s been around since before the first service, I’ve talked to the service folks at two separate centres in Goa. The first time I was told it was normal, and the second service centre is saying that they can’t find any issue in the logs or while testing it themselves.

The biggest issue is that it’s not easy to reproduce it. I’ve tried several driving styles to see if I could make it happen on purpose, only so I could show the SC what the issue is, but no luck. It happens randomly, but always from the third to second gear (I’ve checked this) and not when I brake suddenly. Example: I did a pretty rough drive from Goa to Amboli and back recently, and it didn’t happen once. On the other hand, it can happen 1-2 times per drive when I’m driving in Goa.

I’m a bit perplexed because from what I’ve seen, this isn’t really an issue that’s common with the Harrier. I also understand that it may not be getting logged, but when it happens with greater intensity, I get worried about the longevity of this car.

The car is about to turn two years old soon, and I’ve been considering getting the extended warranty before the time runs out. Regardless, I’m not sure how to go about this. Any proper diagnosis will require a lot of time with my car at the SC since the issue hasn’t been reproduced with my best efforts. I feel like I’d have to set up multiple cameras and sensors to be able to get some proof on this.

It’s not an issue that makes the driving experience worse or anything, but it feels major sometimes when it occurs, and I want to be able to keep this car for a while.

How do I go about this? I don’t want to keep my car with SC for weeks with no results, but I’d like to get the help of someone competent and figure out whether the transmission needs some proper help or just some minor work to be done.

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