Best luxury sedan for long drives under a Rs 75L ex-showroom budget

In terms of driving, it’d be nice to have a car that on a good, curved, open road, brings a smile to the face.

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I’m looking at buying a Luxury car for the second time but for the first time after joining Team BHP. I thought, why not get advice from the experts out here? Putting out a lot of detail, just so that you can best help give advice.


Upto 90L on the road in Pune. I’d imagine that translates to up to 75L ex-showroom. Like every Indian, I’m looking for “good VFM”. So I don’t mind going down to as low as 45L if it’s a better value


Cars I’ve owned so far, and my experience with them as a reference point. We’ve always preferred sedans. Also, let me apologise for selling the cars in 5 years. Hadn’t learnt from the Team-BHP then. Will fix that mistake now

Use Case:

Use of this car will be very limited. In fact, given the size of the car and the size of Pune’s streets in the core city, it’ll never be used for city drives. It should be a good garage queen – with a low risk of rusting due to non-use. We’ll bring it out once a week for sure. My use will be to use the car for long drives – say once a month.

Features we value:

  • I’m one of those who don’t really care about BHPs and 0-100 times – rarely will I test them.
  • I’m looking for good comfort for my parents both on the highway and in the city on our pothole-ridden roads. Good NVH, with low sound coming in. Even in driving, the comfort features matter – like auto hold, or electric parking brakes, good infotainment system that works well with Android Auto. Auto headlights, wipers, auto-dimming outdoor mirrors (BMW doesn’t have them.
  • It has to be a sedan. But a ground clearance greater than 120 for sure. I know the Superb worked well for me with 165 mm ground clearance. So, somewhere in the 140-odd range, I guess. I want to be able to go to hill stations with their broken roads without worrying about my car. Won’t do any offroading, of course
  • In terms of driving, it’d be nice to have a car that, once in a while, on a good, curved, open road, brings a bit of a smile to the face. Octavia, Superb, and A4 have all done that for me, so I presume it’s not a very high bar.
  • Planning to use the car for 10 years if all goes well

Consideration Set:

My set, so far. Happy to add some if I’ve missed

I know luxury and VFM don’t go hand in hand. But I am trying to optimise for VFM, while still being in the luxury category.

Again, thank you for taking the time. Let me know your views.

Here’s what GTO had to say on the matter:

Innova Hycross or Kodiaq are your VFM choices. Both punch way above their weight, are comfortable and will offer easier ingress/egress as Mum ages. More VFM? Camry.

You already have a sedan. Now, get a crossover.

Great choice, if you want to have fun too. Comfier suspension and LWB give it improved legroom at the back.

Take her for a test drive in one. And while in the Lexus showroom, take a spin in the NX too.

Won’t suggest the EV6 or any other EVs, as you want to do a lot of highway driving & the charging infrastructure just isn’t there yet. Talk to any EV owner after a highway trip and 100% of them will purely talk about charging experiences, while I’d rather speak about the roads, scenery, corner carving, dhaba food, waterfalls etc.

Audi Q5 & A6 are worthy options if the discounts are good.

You & your Mom need to go out and do a lot of test-driving. Enjoy the process.

Here’s what BHPian ssathiyanarayan had to say on the matter:

Good to hear you are on the lookout for a good car. Especially given your consideration of looking for a luxury car to drive your mother. Reliability and dependability are paramount when looking out cars for aged parents.

My suggestions are:

  1. Volvo XC40
  2. Volvo S90 – based on your love for sedans
  3. Lexus ES300 – based on your love for sedans
  4. Lexus NX350
  5. Mercedes Benz GLA220d
  6. Mercedes Benz GLB220d

I would suggest you stay clear from Germans as far as possible. The Japanese might be boring to look but their reliability and solid functioning are one thing every OEM has to learn and implement. Hear from Narayanan Sir and you will change your mind on Japanese cars.

Let us know what you decide to purchase and share your buying experience as well.

Warm Regards,

Here’s what BHPian buzzy_boy had to say on the matter:

You’re roughly working with the right set of cars. Upgrading from the Superb is going to be difficult. Top contenders should be the 5-series and the E-class. Do note that the next-gen versions of these cars might launch next year, so might be worthwhile to wait. Also test-drive the A6, the Lexus, and the Volvo, and pick the one that suits your family’s needs.

Are you open for pre-owned? If so, might consider a good 530d.

Left field options: why not the S5, and the EV-6 if you’re open to EVs? You can ignore the M340i due to the stiff suspension.

Again, take good long TDs and go with the one your parents like the most. They deserve the right to decide!

Here’s what BHPian CoconutCar had to say on the matter:

Would recommend checking out 3 cars:

  1. Volvo S90
  2. Lexus ES
  3. Toyota Camry Hybrid (VFM, comfortable)

I digress from the opinion of buying an SUV as backseat comfort is your priority. Stick to a sedan. Lexus/Toyota and Volvo have soft setups that will give supreme comfort to your parents.

If I was in your place I would have purchased Volvo if an ASC in my city was good and present.

Otherwise, I would have purchased a Camry Hybrid.

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