4 ways we can improve India’s poor air quality based on real-world data

New ICE automobiles alone cannot shoulder the entire burden of pollution reduction.

BHPian Mustang Sammy recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The GoI continues to tighten emissions norms every year, including and especially for diesel engines. However, pollution continues to worsen, and we see evidence of it in the form of:

  • Uncontrolled burning of refuse, leaves, and agricultural waste. Plumes of smoke emanate from various corners of our cities and villages every day.
  • Industries emit noxious fumes without any consequence. Anyone who has lived in certain parts of Navi Mumbai can testify to this.
  • Lax enforcement of PUC norms especially on commercial and government vehicles. Every day I see trucks, tempos, auto rickshaws, and buses (especially Maharashtra State Road Transport vehicles) belching clouds of black and gray smoke into the air.
  • Semi-urban and rural areas also suffer from poor air quality. A recent weekend spent at a rural resort was sufficient to reinforce the sad reality of smoky and unclean air far away from urban population centers.

A cursory online search on contributors to our poor air quality shows a large spread in data, and the numbers for agricultural waste burning appear suspiciously low.

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