Cybertruck Has So Many Accessories Tesla Didn't Tell Us About

Amidst the flurry of reactions to the Tesla Cybertruck’s official launch this past week, you may have missed the fact the company also debuted a slew of accessories for its new pickup. For some reason, Tesla CEO Elon Musk didn’t mention most of these accessories during the launch event, but they’re definitely worthy of some attention now as most of them will greatly expand the Cybertruck’s utility.

Cybertruck Exterior Accessories

Let’s start off on the exterior, specifically with Tesla’s new option to have your Cybertruck wrapped with paint protection film. They are available in both black and white, each for $6,500 including installation, but we hope that more colors are added in the future. There’s also a Satin Clear Paint Film available for $5,000 including installation. This one’s a head-scratcher considering the unpainted stainless steel body doesn’t really need to be protected from scratches or chips. 

Next up is the Tailgate Ramp for $400. Since the production Cybertruck lost the cool ramp that was embedded in the concept’s tailgate, this is the company’s solution for loading wheeled cargo into the bed. Of course, you’ll need two ramps if you’re loading something with four wheels like an ATV, and then you’ll need somewhere to store the ramps as well. The product description indicates at least one of these tri-fold ramps will fit in the gear locker beneath the bed, though obviously not when an ATV’s been loaded and is covering it.

Tesla is also showing a pair of roof-mounted crossbars for sale, though their availability is pushed back to 2024. Costing $800, these crossbars allow you to load things like bicycles, kayaks, and rooftop cargo boxes onto the Cybertruck’s roof. 

The Cybertruck Bumper Protector is another accessory we weren’t expecting to see, but for $80 this thin rubber liner will protect the rear bumper from scratches and wear. 

And yes, there’s a tent. The Basecamp tent goes for $2,975 and turns the Cybertruck’s bed into a cozy place to sleep for the night. It’s got no poles, instead relying on an inflatable skeleton for its structure, and it comes with a built-in mattress. Perhaps its coolest feature is that it folds up and mounts at the back of the bed right below the tonneau cover, leaving the whole bed floor open for camping cargo.

There have also been rumors that Tesla might offer a cleaning product to keep your Cybertruck’s stainless steel skin free from fingerprints. We’ve seen reports online that Tesla Service Centers are already using a Tesla-branded bottle of something called Cybershield, but it hasn’t appeared for sale in the company’s shop yet. The truck’s panels can also probably be cleaned with products designed to keep your stainless steel kitchen appliances clean, like these stainless steel wipes from Weiman.

Cybertruck Interior Accessories

The new accessories for the Cybertruck’s cabin kick off with a sunshade for its giant glass roof. The shade, which costs $115, blocks two-thirds of the light coming through while still remaining transparent for safety. It looks like it’s held in place by either tension or magnets (Tesla doesn’t say), and its collapsible rigid frame folds up and fits in a zippered pouch.

Next up is a $40 center console tray and an underseat storage bin for the rear bench that costs $250. The latter looks particularly useful, as there’s lots of empty space beneath the Cybertruck’s backseat. This storage bin can keep everything organized and safely secure when you’re drag racing Porsche 911s while towing a Porsche 911. 

Of course, Tesla didn’t forget floor mats. There’s your choice of custom-fit carpet mats for $155 or more protective all-weather rubber liners for $295. The latter is similar to a set of WeatherTech floor coverings and is probably a better idea than carpet if you intend to work and play with the Cybertruck off-road.

Cybertruck Bed Accessories

In order to put the Cybertruck to work, you’re probably going to need some of these official accessories for the bed, err… vault. First is a $350 cargo divider that’s made to fit the Cybertruck’s angular bed to a tee. Next up are custom-fit Molle panels for $250 each that mount on the bed’s inner side wall to give you some vertical storage.

The Vault Cargo Bins may be the best deal so far for a Cybertruck accessory. Sold in packs of three for $250, the bins fit snugly and securely in the bed, which can hold six bins in total. Even when maxed out on bins, the bed still has room on top of them for more cargo beneath the tonneau cover. 

Not surprisingly, Tesla is also selling the hardware necessary to take full advantage of the bed’s L-track. This includes a pair of hooks for $25 and a single cleat for $25. There’s also a pair of D-rings for $40 that can be mounted in 10 different spots around the bed. The L-track bottle opener accessory for $25 sends a bit of a mixed message, but the $45 gear locker dividers are a must-have to keep items from banging around in the Cybertruck’s hidden boot.  

Cybertruck Wheel and Tire Accessories

Some were shocked to learn the Cybertruck won’t be coming with a spare tire. Many EVs don’t come with spare tires these days to save weight, but truck owners expect them to be there as a backup when work or play results in a flat. Tesla has found a compromise by selling a spare tire and tool kit for $1,250 that mounts in the back of the Cybertruck’s bed.

The Goodyear tire comes with a vinyl cover and a pair of D-rings to keep it secure, as well as a complete toolset to get the job done when required. Unfortunately, the tire takes up a large portion of the bed, severely compromising your hauling capacity when in tow.

Another option is to go with Tesla’s Air Compressor Ultra + Tire Repair Kit for $550. While the Cybertruck concept unveiled in 2019 had a built-in air compressor (as does the production Rivian R1T), the production version doesn’t, but this standalone option looks like it will stow neatly in the bed’s gear locker.

As for the wheels themselves, you’ll be glad to know that replacement wheel covers for the Cybertruck are only $75 apiece. That’s not bad considering they’re a more complicated two-piece design than Tesla’s other wheel covers, and these are likely to take the brunt of curb rash while protecting the rims.

And the last of the tire accessories is a set of Konig XD-16 Pro snow chains for the rear wheels. These are one of the few non-Tesla-branded accessories for sale in the company’s shop and cost $345 for the pair.

What’s Missing?

We first checked out what accessories Tesla was selling for the Cybertruck on the night of the vehicle’s launch. At that time, the webpage was showing a couple of things for sale that have since been removed.

The first is the much-talked-about Range Extender option for the Cybertruck. This is an external battery pack that mounts in the back of the bed and gives the truck up to 470 miles of total range (in the case of the All-Wheel Drive model that has a standard range of 340 miles). An extra 130 miles of range means the Range Extender is packing a pretty big battery itself. Yet we have no official information about how much it costs, how much of the truck’s payload capacity it will gobble up, or even how it will be installed and removed when needed. There is an image, though, which shows exactly how much space it occupies in the bed.

We also noticed the optional lightbar is missing that was originally on the concept vehicle but is still shown as an optional upgrade on the Cybertruck’s webpage. The short description says the bar, which mounts at the top of the windshield and is very low profile, can illuminate up to 525 yards in front of the truck.

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