Two classic Ford Capri made famous in iconic 1970s TV series sell for £160,000

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A pair of classic Ford Capri made famous in an iconic 1970’s TV show have sold for over £160,000 at auction.

The two models are the actual cars that featured in the British crime series The Professionals between 1977 and 1981.

The cars were driven by the characters Ray Doyle and William Bodie, played by Martin Shaw and Lewis Collins.

Ford of Britain were approached to supply vehicles for the show and handed over the two Capris alongside a Ford Granada.

The two models were kept by their previous owner for a staggering 16 years and had been expected to sell for between £200,000 and £230,000.

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The two vehicles were sold as one lot on Saturday afternoon in recognition of their cultural significance.

After a lengthy process, the pair eventually hit the hammer for £166,000 after a telephone bidder rang in to secure the vehicles.

Iconic Auctioneers, who ran the auction at the Silverstone Festival, stressed the models were of “historical importance”.

The Capri was also one of the most sought-after vehicles of the generation which still makes the cars iconic among older generations.

Iconic Auctioneers explained: “Designed to be the Ford Mustang of Europe, the mind-boggling array of options meant that the Capri could be whatever you wanted it to be; just like the Mustang.

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“The Capri was in fact a far more varied animal with engines ranging from 1,300cc to 3,100cc as well as a myriad of trim specifications. The most popular engine was the 1,600cc unit, but the object of most desire was the 3-litre version, which was available from the 1969 Mk 1 through to 1981 as the 3.0 S.

“Over time, the 3.0 S became synonymous with our action duo and undoubtedly inspired a generation of car enthusiasts whilst coincidentally giving a bit of a boost to Ford’s performance car market.”

Bodie’s silver Ford Capri was first registered to the Ford Motor Company for the filming of Series Four in 1980.

The model has appeared on screen more than all of the cars used in the five seasons of The Professionals. The Capri was restored in 2021 with attention to detail, retaining many of the original features including the interior.

The car’s original engine and gearbox have been fully reconditioned while the model has just under 54,000 miles on the clock.

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