Thousands of UK drivers unaware of drastic new parking rule changes

Pavement parking: Blind man reveals the dangers

British drivers are unaware of drastic new parking rule changes which are being considered by the Government.

The Department for Transport is addressing concerns around pavement parking after a consultation was held on the issue.

It could see a range of new driving laws pop up around the country, restricting motorists’ ability to stop their vehicles on the path.

Over a thousand road users are completely unaware of the possible rule changes meaning hundreds could be caught out.

A new poll of 2,000 individuals from Big Motoring World shows as many as 55 percent did not realise a ban was being looked into.

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Expanding these results across the entire population would mean around 20 million road users would be impacted.

Peter Waddell, Chief Executive Officer at Big Motoring World said: “Pavement parking is a topic that is sure to divide opinion.

“Pedestrians are often frustrated at their path being blocked by cars, but motorists who have no choice but to park on narrow roads and do not have access to a driveway will be scratching their heads and wondering what they are supposed to do.

“The fact that most Brits have not heard about any proposed plans for a pavement parking ban clearly showcases that information needs to be communicated to motorists so that they can plan accordingly.”

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Despite not realising that changes around pavement parking were being discussed, the majority have appeared to back the scheme.

The poll showed 64 percent of Britons agreed that drivers should not be allowed to park their vehicles on a footpath.

Belfast was the area most in favour of changes with 79 percent of residents supporting the plans.

Bristol was also enthusiastic with 78 percent backing the scheme, followed by 75 percent in Southampton and 73 percent in Edinburgh and Norwich.

Meanwhile, Liverpool was most hostile to the scheme with 32 percent in favour of motorists being able to park where they liked.

The DfT has completed an evidence review looking into the issues caused by pavement parking and identifying a series of possible reforms.

Two options were identified which would dramatically change the current rules around pavement parking. The first would be to enable local authorities to enforce penalties for “causing an unnecessary obstruction of the pavement”.

Meanwhile, a second would be a national prohibition on pavement parking except for some locations where authorities may allow it.

A review outlining the responses and future plans is expected to be published shortly.

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