This New Bike Trailer Has Two Motors To Lighten Your Load

If you’ve ever gone bike packing or touring with a trailer, then chances are you’ve realized how quickly the cargo you’re hauling around can make its presence felt. Sure, trailers make tons of sense for both urban and adventure cycling, however, they’re not without their tradeoffs. On the one hand, you sacrifice some nimbleness in order to pull a trailer, on top of that, trailers can get heavy, causing you to feel tired and fatigued much sooner.

With all that being said, a new innovation called the Paxxter E from German bike brand Roland Werk seeks to set a new standard when it comes to bike trailers. The Paxxter E is an evolution of its non-electric sibling, simply called the Paxxter, and claims to make it feel like you’re riding without a trailer. It’s essentially a motorized trailer that can work in tandem with regular bikes – both electric and otherwise – as such, it enables you to carry heavier loads, as well as tackle inclines with greater ease. It’s sold in two sizes, 156 liters and 239 liters.

The Paxxter E is equipped with not one, but two hub motors (one on each of the 16-inch wheels). At 125 watts per motor, it has a combined output of 250 watts, and can assist riders at speeds of up to 25 kilometers per hour (16 miles per hour). Additionally, the Paxxter E features three support levels, allowing riders to fine tune how aggressively the motors kick in. The trailer is fitted with a pedal sensor that detects and matches your current speed ensuring a natural and safe assist. All these settings can easily be adjusted via a switch at the side of the trailer, while integrated LED lights keep you informed of the trailer’s battery status.

Speaking of the battery, the Paxxter E makes use of a removable 180-watt-hour battery pack that’s stored underneath the trailer to keep the center of gravity low. It’s also compatible with a range extender, so the Paxxter E can assist you and your cargo load across even greater distances. Interestingly, the Paxxter E also has a detachable aluminum box which you can use to store your belongings. The same aluminum box doubles as a storage unit for the trailer when it’s disassembled and not in use.

Tipping the scales at about 53 pounds, the Roland Paxxter E is offered in two sizes – 156 liters and 239 liters. They’re priced at €3,299.90 (about $3,541) and €3,399.90 (approximately $4,293), respectively.

Sources: New Atlas, E-Bike News

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