Honda Concept Cars Debut Today At Japan Mobility Show: See The Livestream

We’re on the cusp of seeing a plethora of new concept vehicles from Honda at a new auto show. Taking over from the biennial Tokyo Motor Show is the Japan Mobility Show, and for Honda, everything kicks off tonight with a special press event. You can watch it happen live right here, beginning at 9:15 PM Eastern / 6:15 PM Pacific.

That’s 10:15 AM Wednesday morning in Tokyo, the first media day for the show. We’ve already seen some of what Honda has in store, though the Specialty Sports Concept still remains a mystery. We haven’t even glimpsed a teaser image, though the name is curiously close to the Honda Sports EV Concept that debuted back in 2017. That was a small two-seat runabout, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the new concept was something similar. Whatever it turns out to be, Honda has it at the top of its debut list for the show.

Gallery: 2017 Honda Sports EV concept

There’s less mystery with other debuts, starting with the CI-MEV concept. A small city car, it’s billed as an electric two-seater for very short commutes, but things get even smaller with the positively adorable Pocket Concept. With two-wheeled transport now part of the show, Honda will showcase this teeny electric scooter made of acrylic resin.

We suspect it will be staged with the Sustania-C concept, which wears the same red/black color scheme and also features an acrylic body.

Not everything in Honda’s booth is a concept, however. The hip-to-be-square N-Van E debuted in September and will make its first public appearance at the Japan Mobility Show. A prototype of the US-bound Honda Prologue is also on the show schedule.

Honda is by no means the only brand at the show. Toyota has several concepts on hand, including an electric Land Cruiser and a compact pickup truck that looks nearly production ready. We’ve seen the Infiniti Vision Qe concept, several concepts from Daihatsu, and Lexus will debut multiple concepts as well.

We have folks live on the ground at the Japan Mobility Show, so stick with for the latest news and exclusive tidbits from the show floor.

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