Expert reveals the key to saving money on your car this winter

An expert has revealed what could be the key to saving money on your car this winter.

As temperatures fall there will be greater financial pressure on drivers as their energy bills and the cost of looking after their car rises.

There are several ways to do this, and one way of saving money may be surprising to a lot of people, even drivers themselves. has been speaking to Falken’s Andreas Giese about why your tyres could be key to saving you money.

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Mr Giese said inflating your tyres properly could not only improve fuel economy but safety as well. He explained: “A properly inflated tyre not only extends the life of the tyre but also offers improved safety and fuel economy.

“Greater rolling resistance leads to unnecessary wear, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions which could be avoided.

“Studies have shown that even 0.5 bar pressure loss could increase fuel consumption by two to five percent. So check your pressures regularly, even if a car has a tyre pressure monitoring system fitted.”

Mr Giese also said changing your driving style could have a big impact on whether or not you need to change your tyres again.

He said: “To make your tyres last longer, consider your driving style. Tyre will last longer if you avoid driving too quickly, minimise heavy braking, acceleration and aggressive cornering.”

Mr Giese added that it was better to fix rather than replace. He explained: “If you are unlucky enough to get a puncture, you might not have a replacement there. It is possible to get it fixed.

“It depends on the location and size of the puncture, the type of tyre and the general condition and age of the tyre.

“Speak to your nearest tyre specialist to get the right advice. And don’t drive around on an underflated tyre as it can damage it beyond repair.”

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Mr Giese also suggested that rotating your tyres could be helpful too. He said: “To make tyres last longer you can rotate them.

“That means swapping the front tyres with the rears if they are the same size. Doing this can maximise tyre life as rotation avoids uneven wear, and improves fuel efficiency – because you keep friction low by spreading the wear evenly and improve handling and performance in the wet.”

His final tip was to get them aligned regularly. He explained: “Wheel alignment is about having the geometry of your suspension and steering checked and adjusted to ensure it’s set to the car manufacturer’s specification.

“Wheel tracking can be affected by hitting a kerb, driving into a pothole or if your steering or suspension components are worn. The check and adjustment is usually done by a tyre specialist.

“If you have an EV the correct alignment can help maximise vehicle range. Signs that you might need this doing are uneven tyre wear, the car pulling to one side, vibrations or your steering wheel is off centre.”

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