Drivers urged to rub pumpkins on car windscreens in ‘game-changing’ de-ice tip

Drivers have been encouraged to rub leftover pumpkin on their car windscreens this autumn and winter in a “game-changing” ice tip.

The pumpkin should be rubbed over the windscreen the night before a big freeze to reduce the impact in the morning.

According to the experts, the Halloween decoration contains a lot of starch which can “act as a barrier between the ice and glass screen.

It is also a natural “ice-melting agent” which will help motorists to clear their windscreens quicker than usual.

Pumpkins can be purchased from supermarkets for as little as £1 in the run-up to Halloween on October, 31.

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Experts at Motor Match said: “When it comes to defrosting your windscreen during the chilly winter months, you might be surprised to find a natural solution right on your window sill. Leftover Halloween pumpkin can be a game-changer.

“The secret lies in the starch content found in pumpkins. Make sure to chop up the skin and rub the inner layer on your windscreen for fast defrosting.

“Starch acts as a barrier between the ice and the glass, preventing it from refreezing quickly. This means you can spend less time in the cold, scraping away at your windscreen.

“The starch, in vegetables like pumpkin and potato, is a natural ice-melting agent. When applied to your frost-covered windscreen, it can help break down the frost, and make scraping it off much easier.”

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The warning comes just a week after John Clark Motor Group told road users to rub a potato on their windscreen for a similar reason.

They said the starch in the vegetable can “make a real difference” and laughed that it wasn’t just an “old wives tale”.

Experts at the Met Office have predicted that “polar” conditions could hit Britain in early November.

Meteorologists have stressed that snow was “perfectly possible” in across Scotland including the Highlands and Pennines.

Motor Match added that the pumpkin tip was a “cost-effective” solution which would even help the environment.

They commented: “It’s a simple and cost-effective method that can make your winter mornings run more smoothly. Just remember to keep some leftover pumpkin aside for those frosty days.

“This method is particularly useful for those who want to minimise their environmental impact. It’s a sustainable way to deal with frost, reducing the need for chemical de-icers that can harm the environment.

“So, if you have any leftover pumpkin from Halloween, you can put it to good use.”

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