Drivers could be issued £300 fine as new DVLA number plates launch

Martin Lewis offers advice about cancelling car insurance

Drivers could be slapped with a £300 fine and up to six penalty points on their driving licence due to the launch of the DVLA’s new number plate changes from tomorrow.

The new ‘73’ plates will launch on brand new cars registered from September 1 with the new designs expected to bring a major boost to the motor industry.

However, experts at insurance firm GoShorty have warned road users could be issued the sanction for failing to comply with a simple rule.

Motorists heading out to collect a car with a new ‘73’ number plate must ensure they have proper car insurance cover at all times.

According to the group, many drivers do not realise they need comprehensive cover for the drive home after picking up a new vehicle.

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Andy Moody, founder and Managing Director at GoShorty said: “Picking up a new car should be a positive experience and an exciting moment.

“Don’t let it be tainted by an error which could leave you facing six points on your licence, a hefty fine for driving uninsured, or even a day in court.

“It’s far cheaper and more sensible to take out a short-term car insurance policy to cover the drive home, than it is to fork out on the £300 penalty for driving uninsured!”

According to GOV.UK, it is “illegal to drive a vehicle on a road or in a public place without at least third-party insurance”.

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As well as on-the-spot fines, drivers could be disqualified from driving or issued an unlimited fine if the case goes to court. Police officers also have the power to seize and even destroy a vehicle which is driven uninsured.

TempCover has also warned motorists can only drive a new vehicle once they have a valid insurance policy in place.

They stress it is a legal requirement to have insurance at all times, even just to drive a vehicle home from the garage or dealer.

The car insurance experts have also backed temporary cover as a solution until drivers can get a longer-term policy.

They explained: “Once you’ve signed the paperwork and it’s all yours, the first thing you’ll want to do is take your new motor out for a spin, but that’s where you could end up in trouble.

“If you’re waiting for your new annual policy to begin or just need to time to find the best insurance deal for your new car, don’t worry because you can get drive away insurance that covers you until you arrange annual cover.”

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