Watch Ram TRX Drag Race Sleeper V8 Rusty Truck

What could possibly go wrong?

Sure, it’s clear that the boys from Hoonigan popularized the YouTube drag-race trend, but each and every variation carries the same excitement. As such, The Fast Lane Truck recently started a series where they line up the Ram TRX against some serious competition. So far the TRX – which remains undefeated in the series – has gapped vehicles like the previous-gen Ford Raptor pickup and even a GT500 Mustang, but the latest video could put an end to that.

Sure, the competition might just look like any old International Harvester pickup. However, this example is the mother of all sleepers when it comes to truck racing.

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From the outside, it may just look like any other 54’ International, but like any sleeper, all of the goodies are under the skin. As such, the body sits on a 2000 Chevy Silverado chassis – which supposedly mated to the original truck surprisingly well. It keeps the same Chevy engine with a number of mods included but not limited to a turbocharger, Z06 cam, and new rod bolts.

Semantics aside, the first race showed that the TRX has its work set out to keep its undefeated record; even after a bad start, the International underdog kept within a car length of the Ram. The next run proved to be a lot more predictable with the International hooking up much better at the start, but still finishing behind the competition – we’d be remiss not to mention that the International is also all-wheel-drive.

As it looks like the guys are running much less than a quarter-mile, we’d wager that a driver mod or longer drag strip could produce a very different result. Regardless, it’s clear that both of these trucks are heaps of fun to drive on the limit. 


The Fast Lane Truck via YouTube

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