Newcastle Supercars pit area facing redevelopment

The City of Newcastle has unveiled a proposed redevelopment of its foreshore area, including what’s used annually as the Supercars pits and paddock, to the public.

Newcastle’s Habour Foreshore Master Plan includes a proposed redevelopment of the Foreshore Park Precinct – an area that includes the spaces currently used for the front straight, pitlane, the Supercars paddock area and the grassed areas used for support paddocks.

The proposal would see a reconfiguration of the grassed areas and the removal of the lake next to Shortland Lawn.

There will also be more natural shade and, according to Newcastle officials, better connection between the public areas and the Railway Shed.

Tug Berth lane, which runs between the road used for the pit straight and the edge of the harbour, will be turned into a park under the proposed development.

The city is currently taking public feedback on the concept.

Supercars says it has been consulted regarding the redevelopment.

“[The City of Newcastle] reached out to Supercars and asked us for our feedback on the Foreshore Development Plan,” read a statement provided to

“We have discussed our requirements for operating a large scale event on the foreshore and will continue to liaise with Council regarding their redevelopment concept plans.”

Newcastle doesn’t feature on the 2021 Supercars schedule, but is set to open the 2022 season.

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