More Rimac C_Two Prototypes Destroyed For Safety

Electric supercarmaker Rimac is back in the testing halls with its C_Two before start of production in 2021. This is the second round of testing, with the vehicle doing a 40 percent offset crash at 40 kmh (25 mph) and 56 kmh (35 mph). Production was originally scheduled in 2020, but things have moved back a bit due to Covid.

The $2 million all-electric Rimac C_Two features a 120-kWh battery and four liquid-cooled motors. Those motors are good for 1,914 hp and about 1,700 lb-ft of torque, which allows a 0-60 sprint in a claimed 1.9 seconds.

During the test, says Rimac, “there was no damage to the monocoque, meaning there was next-to-no deforming of the cabin, intrusion of the pedals or excessive forces exerted onto the driver and passenger.”

Like we said before the first round of testing in 2019, all of this begins on a computer simulation. The 800-strong team then moves to material simulation and then component simulation. The latest physical testing, Rimac says, is a confirmation of the modeling.

Rimac is creating 13 prototype vehicles and 5 pre-production vehicles. Of those 18, 11 will be destroyed during testing. That’s a lot of busted carbon fiber, but it will allow the Rimac C_Two to be sold in every market across the globe. And that means us! Hopefully we’ll get a chance to test drive it sometime next year.

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