How to Get Banned from Racing for 15 Years by the FIA

Ever wonder what it might take to get a 15-year ban from racing?

Throwing parts of your go-kart during a race will do it, according to the FIA, which has issued such ban to a go-kart racer in Italy.

The FIA on Monday announced its penalty in the case of Luca Corberi, who was involved in unsportsmanlike conduct to a degree thankfully not often seen in racing. Corberi threw the front fairing of his kart—a part that broke off following contact with another driver during the 2020 FIA KZ Karting World Championship Final at Lonato, Italy, on October 4, 2020.

Corberi, now 23, also disobeyed safety officials’ directions when he walked across the track several times during competition. On top of that, he physically attacked a rival in the pits after the race in what turned out to be an eventful day of racing.

Karter Luca Corberi continues to vent his anger after the kart race. Somebody arrest this guy. (via @EstagiariodaF1)

The case was submitted to the FIA International Tribunal in February.

The FIA’s penalty included a 15-year ban from FIA and National Sporting Authority events in any capacity, including driver, official, or participant on any level. The FIA also confirmed Corberi’s disqualification from the 2020 world championships.

So, now you know what can happen when you break Article 4(ii) of the FIA Judicial and Disciplinary Rules.

Don’t throw things, especially parts off your car, at your rivals during a race. And attacking them in the pits is also frowned upon.

To Corberi’s credit, he did issue an apology after the incidents and vowed never to race again:

Luca Corberi has apologised on social media. He added: ‘I’ve decided to don’t take part to any other motorsport competition for the rest of my life.’

Karting driver Luca Corberi got mad at a race and then this happened. Should be a ban for life.

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