The developments that hint at 2021’s F1 designs

With only minor tweaks applied to next year’s Formula 1 technical regulations, teams have been busy at work trialling changes which have provided an early indication of the trends to watch out for in 2021

It’s over. From Australia’s cancellation, we’ve been through COVID protocols to a July start in Austria, taking us into a quick-fire calendar of returning, never-before-seen and classic Formula 1 circuits to a familiar Abu Dhabi finale. Oh, the predictability of ‘normality’.
Sure, Abu Dhabi was hardly a classic; it will go down in history as one of F1’s many grands prix and nothing more. However, it was more than a race, but instead a celebration of endings. The 2020 season firmly became history, as many drivers begin new journeys and teams begin new identities following one of the most bizarre years in the championship’s history.

As a legacy of said year, in which coronavirus reigned and showered the world in crippling anxiety and disorder, the financial implications at play means that next year’s cars will remain largely the same to spare the teams the expense of developing another car for one final year with this current ruleset.

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