Daniel Ricciardo cleared over Kimi Raikkonen incident

Daniel Ricciardo and Kimi Raikkonen will face no further action over their incident during Q1 at the French Grand Prix.

Raikkonen went off the track when he came up to Daniel Ricciardo who had slowed down at Turn 11 but kept the racing line.

The Finn would then rejoin the track as Romain Grosjean was approaching, causing the Frenchman to abandon his lap – he was ultimately eliminated in Q1.

However, the stewards decided that the incident didn’t need to be taken any further.

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“Ricciardo explained that he had been advised by the team that Raikkonen was closing on a fast lap and attempted to move out of the way,” explained the stewards.

“Both drivers agreed that had Ricciardo taken any other line it would probably have affected Raikkonen in any case and both agreed that given the location on the track that the cars approached each other, no other reasonable action could have mitigated the circumstances.

“Therefore, the stewards find that Ricciardo did not “unnecessarily impede”.

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