Zyrus LP1200 Strada gets 1,200hp V10

Road-legal version of Norway's turbocharged Huracan GT racer priced from £537k

By Sam Sheehan / Monday, January 4, 2021

Don’t be fooled by its appearance – this isn’t another one of those aftermarket Huracans for posers, but rather a comprehensively re-engineered track car with genuine ties to motor racing. Zyrus Engineering’s LP1200 Strada is a street-legal version of the machine it fields in the extreme Scandinavian GT+ Championship, where most entrants produce four-figure outputs and rely on enormous aero for enchanced lateral performance. The LP1200 and its Strada variant duly delivers, with a 1,200hp twin-turbo V10 and 2,010kg of downforce at 124mph.

Those are obviously significant increases on the 630hp car provided by Lamborghini’s underlying Huracan Super Trofeo. To create the LP1200, Zyrus does the job properly, adding a new fuel injection system, motorsport-spec oil coolers and radiators, billet intakes and a Motec ECU for the V10, along with the brace of turbochargers. The Strada version retains all of that, although power is limited to 900hp until the driver switches the car to track mode via a button, the pressing of which also turns the digital screen of a motorsport-derived ‘smart dash’ system to the same circuit mode Zyrus’s racers use.

This means that barring a bit of new code and fitment of treaded tyres, there’s no real difference between a Strada and the actual race car. Consequently, should a new owner drive to the track and fit a set a slicks, they’d essentially have themselves an authentic Scandinavian GT+ Championship car, with the same bespoke, all-carbonfibre bodywork draped over the carbon-intensive underpinnings. All in, the Strada weighs 1,427kg – 157kg more than the Trofeo, presumably thanks to the extra mechanical hardware and enhanced bodywork. But the near-doubled output from that 5.2-litre more than counters that gain.

As for the price, Zyrus is asking €595,000 for the privilege of buying one of just 12 examples of its highly boosted and race-grade Huracans, which includes a track day with engineers to help familiarise customers with their purchase. Not exactly a budget step into the world of road-legal racers, then, but if you’ve ever watched Scandinavia’s most extreme GT series online – or seen Zyrus’s onboard clip from the Nurburgring – you’ll understand the ferocity of what’s on offer…

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