You can now order pre-rusted parts on a Land Rover Defender

Heritage Customs offers an accessory pack for the new Defender that gives certain parts a distressed look.

The only similarity between the new Land Rover Defender and the original is that both vehicles are mighty capable off-road. The design of the new Defender might evoke memories of the original, but the experience is nowhere close to what you get in a true classic.

The Defender has become sophisticated with time. If you’re a purist and want that classic car feel, this one isn’t for you. But, what if you want a modern Defender that looks like it has conquered every continent and travelled the world?

Heritage Customs has exactly what you need. The company has launched an accessory pack for the new Defender that adds pre-rusted side vents and hood panels giving the car a slightly distressed look.

The company uses a new metallurgy process that uses spray-on metal. It can be used to spray aluminium, brass, bronze, titanium, zinc and even gold on to a metal surface. The company claims that the finish can last for up to 20 years.

Heritage Customs also offers unique 22-inch Black Crow forged alloy wheels and brown leather upholstery for the interior.

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