Would a used BMW 530D be an apt upgrade to my Skoda Laura?

I did look up the price of a new 530d in Bangalore, and it comes to almost a crore! Inflation and cost of materials have sure risen over the years.

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Hello everyone,

My Skoda Laura will complete 10 years by next year. She’s been excellent, and rewarded me a huge grin and satisfaction every time I’ve taken her out, especially after all the upgrades done over the years. I now feel I want to sample something better, something better in terms of handling, braking, power and overall package. The replacement has to offer similar kind of practicality as my Laura. With that, I looked at the 3 series, and ruled it out only because of the boot space. The next logical option was the 5 series, especially the 530d with the 3L inline 6 motor. Torque wise it’ll definitely be more than what I’m currently used to, so that seems like a natural upgrade path. I want to stick with diesels primarily because of the efficiency when sedately driven and of course the torque on demand (with the newer generation turbo petrols, that is becoming less of an issue).

I definitely do not want to jump into the electric bandwagon unless I’m forced to. Personally, I enjoy the overall experience of an internal combustion engine and will miss that when it comes to the point of transition.

I did look up the price of a new 530d in Bangalore, and it comes to almost a crore ! Inflation and cost of materials have sure risen over the years. I’m a salaried person, so would prefer to buy new vs. buying used as any which ways I’ll have to go for a loan. Many years back financing on used cars was more expensive than new ones, so don’t know if that situation has changed much now. The other reason for looking at new(ish) variant is that the G30 seems to be slightly better in terms of usable interior space vs. the F10 it replaced. I did check out a friend’s 2014 530d and it seemed not any different in terms of interior space when compared to my Laura.

I will be using this car as a daily driver and will be my only car. Given these considerations, what would you suggest? Should I hold onto to the Laura for some more time?

Here’s what GTO had to say on the matter:

10-years is a good enough time to hold onto a car . Life is too short to drive the same car for more than a decade. Time to upgrade and pick a ride for the next 10 years. My suggestions:

  • BMW 530d: Wild performance, 6-cylinder creaminess, fast gearbox, practical family-friendly sedan, top reliability. Will keep you & your family happy for the next decade. Modification friendly (since you modded your Laura).
  • BMW M340i: An iconic car with insane performance & excellent grip levels. More fun than a 530d. Firm ride, but not too stiff. Petrol FE will be noticeably lower than 530d.
  • Mercedes C300d: Always something special about owning a freshly launched car. Excellent acceleration & overall performance. I found the suspension tune to be just “perfect” for India. Rear legroom better than the F10 5-Series & very comparable to the G30. Main downside versus the 530d is 4-cylinders versus 6-cylinders, and the gearbox isn’t as quick as the ZF (although it is still very good).

Used car loans are slightly more expensive than new car loans, but if the used car is significantly cheaper than new, it’ll more than make up for the little higher interest rate. You can also take a loan against fixed deposits for plus 1%.

The higher you go, the harder you fall. Luxury cars depreciate like crazy. However, the Bangalore used car market defies logic. Be open to buying a car from Delhi / Bombay and transferring it to Bangalore. I hear a BHPian did the same for a BMW and it overall worked out much cheaper than buying in Bangalore.

Here are some 530ds for 50 – 55 lakhs to get you started, including from Bangalore! The 5-Series is crafted with very high quality materials, hence it ages superbly. A well-maintained 2018-19 car will pass off as “almost new”. Not bad for approximately 50-60% of the price of new.

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Here’s what BHPian dkaile had to say on the matter:

Investing anything more than 25L in a fossil fuel driven car today is strict no-no from me. I foresee a future that is gonna change SO FAST in the next 5 years, that these cars will sell for scraps. Go for any prudent choice within a 25L budget, maybe a pre-owned BMW or C class or max stretch to a new Superb and then gradually move to electric/hybrid 5 years down the line.

Just my 2 cents. Happy hunting… Cheers

Here’s what BHPian Axe77 had to say on the matter:

I think its good enough time to sell and move up.

Have you considered used 6GTs (30d). Excellent blend of performance and practicality.

Here’s what BHPian vixit had to say on the matter:

If (you’re retaining the Laura)


the 530D is a fantastic option;




Audi A4;

BMW 320Ld;

Merc E300;


/*I’ve driven the f10 3.0 Diesel and it’s mind blowingly fast. I was being stupid with my overtakes because of how quick it is to just drop a few gears and shoot ahead. No contest. It’s an awesome driver’s car, but I think you should get one only if you retain your Laura as a 2nd car for weekdays, and keep the 5 for the weekends and evening outings.

Friend and BHPian Varun_Hexaguy recently got himself a 525d (same 3.0 Inline6 diesel, remapped to exceed 530d Power and torque figures) while retaining his Jetta(remapped to meet 2.0TDI Power and torque).

I think his BMW has been parked since the past two or three weeks because of how impractical it has been. Extremely large external dimensions, yet bad interior space. Limited visibility and unusable boot space with the spare and all. I think it’s very comparable to your Laura situation.

Low GC and Bangalore roads don’t seem to be the best combination. The Laura was the perfect car. I think new 530d will be a little cumbersome if it’s your daily within the city everyday. Retain the Laura, I think it’s not going to fetch much resale either, being an old diesel VAG.

My other suggestions like A4 , 3GL and E300 were because the first two are the perfect size and power for the city, have great highway manners.

E300 because if you’re buying a car as big as the 5, might as well get some interior space. 300D because  Why miss out on 6cylinders */

Here’s what BHPian Varun_HexaGuy had to say on the matter:

The G30 530d is probably one of the nicest cars your money can buy in 2022. A default choice for us enthusiasts. That inline-6 diesel is fast, yet fuel-efficient. That’s a big plus for people like me who have good yearly running. The engine plus transmission combination is really good. I’m honestly at loss of words to describe how good it really is to drive.

But that’s where all the good things end. I got my hands on a 2011 BMW 525d F10 with the same N57 from the 530d sometime in June 2022. 2.5 months and 7000+ kms later, the practical flaws are hitting me hard. It definitely cannot be the only car of the garage. Not by a long shot. The huge dimensions on the outside do not translate into decently usable interior space (G30 is better in this regard but isn’t a major stepup IMO). Mine being the pre LCI, the GC is also on the lower side. I have to think twice before heading out on a highway trip or for usage within the city. G30 does have better GC though. But the long wheelbase will rear its ugly head out every once in a while. For someone coming from the Jetta (me) and Laura (you), we cannot help but notice how much we compromise on overall usability and practicality just for the superior powertrain. Agreed, it’s the best in its class and above, but for someone like you and me who intend on holding onto the cars for long, 5-series is not something I’d suggest honestly. If you want the 5, retain the Laura. Keep using the Laura for the daily grind (just like how I’ve retained my Jetta for the daily grind) and reserve the 5 for highway outings. Highway trips will also entail planning. Won’t be a simple walk in the park.

I’d rather suggest you to look at the BMW X4/X5 30d or even the 630d GT. If I were you, I’d pick the 630d GT and call it a day. Scores on practicality and carries over most of the pros from the 530d making it the perfect package for me. Might be a bit of a stretch but worth it since you’re thinking long term.

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