Wiring harness on my Indica at end of life: Looking for a replacement

Most of the original wiring harness connectors have been corroded to disintegration

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Hi all,

My Indica’s share of problems has begun to skew towards electrical as I keep replacing or overhauling key mechanical and cosmetic components, but I am still stuck with my 15 year old wiring harnesses. My electrician has done a bunch of tactical fixes by doing point to point wiring and using direct lines and relays driven by the original wires which are going high resistance.

Most of the original wiring harness connectors have been corroded to disintegration, and with so many splices and duct tape, I’m seeing electrical reliability going for a toss, particularly my brake, indicator and reverse lights which keep failing all the time.

I just dumped 8K into a floor wiring harness, and am hoping boodmo will be able to source it, but I don’t know how many of these issues will get solved by this. There are other wiring harnesses which simply are not available in the aftermarket – How do people work around this when doing full overhauls ? I guess point to point wiring is the worst case situation, but I’m not sure how reliable/troubleshootable/Plug and play they’ll be. Are there any better options? does anyone make custom wiring harnesses? especially for non global models like my Indica.

Here’s what GTO had to say on the matter:

When I rebuilt my Classic 4×4 in 2010, it was a model long out of production. We used a brand-new wiring harness from a Mahindra Major and altered it to suit our needs.

Hope you’re able to source it through Boodmo. Also search for the wiring harness of similar cars (e.g. Indigo, maybe Vista?).

Here’s what BHPian srini1785 had to say on the matter:

Most of the out of production motorcycles have custom built wiring harness. During restoration, the points gets changed to CDI and 6V gives way to 12V. So there is a change in wiring. I’m not sure about cars though. In all possibilities, you need to either build one or scavenge one from a junkyard.

If you know your way around wires, you can build a wiring harness yourself. The connectors, wiring shields, fuses are all available online.

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