Why I purchased Scala Trekker riding gloves: My initial impressions

I already have a pair of goatskin and cowhide riding gloves. So I wanted to try something else.

BHPian surjaonwheelz recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

New Gear Alert: Scala Trekker Gloves

I recently purchased the Scala Trekker full gauntlet riding gloves from Open Road, Pune at a discount for Rs. 5,499/- It was old stock and doesn’t have the visor wiper on the left-hand index finger. As these are not even water resistant I was fine without it!

The primary reason to get these was that I wanted to try Kangaroo leathers, they’re supposed to be supple and comfortable. I have goatskin and cowhide riding gloves.

Though the website mentions, “Made from 100% highly abrasion-resistant Kangaroo genuine leather.” There is no Kangaroo leather tag on the glove!

In hand, the glove feels plush, it may be due to the Kangaroo leather or the Polyester lining. In addition, the fit is a sports touring fit, overall the fit and comfort is better than the competition. These gloves are not CE certified but have a Sastec L2 knuckle protector which is soft and very comfortable. In addition, it has the Knox SPS hard sliders and pinky finger bridge.

Indian CE-certified full gauntlet gloves

  • Rynox Storm Evo 3
  • Viaterra Grid 3
  • Solace Furious/Outlaw

The Grid, a pair of goatskin gloves will definitely require breaking them in. My hands didn’t fit the Rynox well. My throttle hand thumb area gets a bit stressed after long rides hence I went for relaxed sports touring fit rather than a track-focused fit. According to me, this pair would also surpass CE ratings if certified! The discount sealed the deal, otherwise, this pair is the costliest of them all.

Ventilation might be an issue on this pair as the perforated fingers are covered with a solid leather patch to enclose the foam inserts to protect the finger joints. Furthermore, the ribbed stretch panels are present on only 3 finger joints. I would have loved it to be present on the thumb also!

Coincidentally, bhpian Sportztourer was hunting for his 2nd pair of gloves and he has made a review video in his style.

I’ve used these gloves for less than 500 kms now and it’s too early to comment on the durability so consider these as my initial impressions. For comfort, include this pair in your shortlist!

Ride safe!

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