What's Better Than A Porsche Carrera GT? Six Of Them

Welcome to Porsche heaven.

Shmee150 continues his tour of America and this time he’s stumbled upon Porsche heaven. During his visit at Merit Partners in Atlanta, GA Shmee has the opportunity to spend time with six Porsche Carrera GTs. To see one Carrera GT is a rare treat, two is incredibly lucky, and six is unheard of. That’s to the magic of YouTube we get to join Shmee on this once-in-a-lifetime Porsche experience.

Merit Partners in Atlanta isn’t your ordinary car dealership. This unique facility focuses specifically on giving customers the unique opportunity to browse an inventory specifically comprised of ultra-rare supercars and hypercars. This incredible facility to I home to a host of rare exotics but the clear standouts are the two Porsche Carrera GT’s featured in Shmee’s video.

The Porsche Carrera GT was the ultimate Porsche supercar and it’s revered by many to be the last of the great analog supercars ever built. A notoriously difficult car to drive thanks to its powerful engine and finicky clutch the Carrera GT is a true driver’s car.

The Porsche Carrera GT is powered by a massive 5.7-liter V10 engine that produced 603 horsepower (450kW) and revved out to 8,000rpm. The impressive engine was mated to a 6-speed manual transmission as the only available transmission. This potent combination means the Carrera GT is one of the most engaging modern supercars ever built and stands out against contemporary supercars that rely on automatic transmissions.

The naturally aspirated V10 in the Carrera GT is also one of the best-sounding engines ever put into a road car. Some owners like the sound so much they’ve elected to straight piper their Carrera  GTs with predictably awesome results as shown by Shmee’s video.  



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