Watch Rimac C_Two Brave Extreme Heat And Cold During Weather Testing

The electric hypercar makes it one step closer to production.

As the Rimac C_Two prepares for its worldwide debut, there’s still a lot of validation testing happening behind the scenes. With the electric hypercar entering the final stages of its global homologation program, the vehicle needs to cope with extremely hot and cold temperatures. In lieu of traveling to access climate extremes, the Croatian automaker uses a climate chamber to create these conditions.

Capable of creating temperatures as high as 118 degrees Fahrenheit (48 degrees Celcius) and as low as -4 F (-28 C), the climate chamber can also adjust humidity levels. In double-checking that the C_Two doesn’t fail in extreme-heat, engineers baked the hypercar until the cockpit reached 158 F (70 C); following the heat bath, the onboard HVAC system was called into action to cool the interior down to a more hospitable 72 F (22 C) without any components going up in smoke.

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At the other end of the spectrum, the prototype vehicle was left overnight at -4 F (-28 C) with the doors open to create a thin layer of ice on every surface – we’ll admit that this was tough to read. Mechanical sympathy aside, this experiment is designed to stress-test pumps, as fluids tend to thicken under such frigid conditions. Thankfully, the requisite components performed well within the standards for global homologation – along with no mechanical failures, the windshield also defrosted within the target amount of time.

The next round of homologation tests for this prototype involves crash testing – something that the company knows a thing or two about. The car’s debut is set to arrive in just a few months, with production starting shortly after.


RimacAutomobili via YouTube

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