VW Argentina is Producing a Weirdly Good Buddy Cop Action Series and You Should Watch

Apparently, we’re at such peak TV that even the series produced by companies as ads are pretty good. Case in point: La Coleccion, a shockingly entertaining mini-series produced by Volkswagen Argentina.

Now, I don’t speak Spanish and YouTube’s auto-translate is still pretty terrible, so I don’t have a super firm grasp of what’s going on, but as far as I can tell, the series follows three cops who are chasing after the thief who stole a VW prototype—which, as far as premises for ads go, is super fun.

The series follows the detectives as they meet two extremely rich and prominent VW collectors who they suspect of being involved a black market for VWs—again, super fun—and try to decide which is likelier to have stolen the car.

The episodes are short, so the investment is small, but there are eight of them and each ends on a cliff hanger that works even despite the language barrier—I have literally gasped at the end of episodes.

It’s kind of silly and not every episode was created equal, but there are some great chase scenes in it, including the best use of the handbrake turn into a parking spot trick I’ve ever seen in fiction.

Other great thing the series includes: a gag about how people hang up the phone before saying goodbye in movies; a makeover scene in which a nerd becomes a beautiful cowboy; gratuitous skids; several VW SP2s; the world’s most ludicrous ascot; the sense not to linger on a terrible computer hacking scene; a VW Up! (which I love); a scene where the detectives get yelled at by their chief; backpacks; and a wall with pictures of suspects and evidence connected by little pieces of red yarn.

Truly, it has everything I hope for in a series about detectives who live in a world populated entirely by VWs chasing down a stolen VW. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. People are here for this series. The episodes get about a million views a-piece and you know what? The view count is richly deserved.

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