Volkswagen Virtus GT: Ownership review / experience of my first car

Tank-to-tank fuel efficiency with mixed usage is 12-15 km/l & highways are 18.5 km/l.

BHPian kaushiksudra recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

BHPian mentioned some of the cars he’s driven and a few previous ones owned at home – check them out here.

The search for a new car had actually begun back in 2018. My dad was using the Civic, and with the Ecosport’s arrival, most of my travel was done with the so-called easy car to drive. I say this because Civic was somehow a little difficult to drive owing to the huge Dash, low GC and also in general the kind of Snob value she commands. I still remember when we got the car home back in 2007, a small boy was amazed at the car and said “Is THAT A BMW (how I wish)”, but that’s how strong the design language of the car was. With about 11+ years of usage, we decided to upgrade and the hunt began. We looked at:

The car hunt stopped post this and we decided to give the old girl a makeover by giving her a nice repaint (as most of the locations, may be due to excessive polishing we could actually see the primer and bare metal). Also upholstered with leather and boy o boy did she look splendid. We decided to keep her for a few more years and enjoy the stress-free Japanese technology.

With Covid in 2020 things changed drastically and buying a car was thrown out of the window and was restricted to 3 cars available in the garage (Civic, Ecosport & Fortuner). Having 3 cars is actually fun, and it ensured I don’t get bored easily.

However, the new car Bug bit me again in 2021 December and I was craving that NEW CAR SMELL. However, was still unsure of selling any of my priced possessions. Started to scout for new vehicles and with the EV segment gaining thrust, I was actually inclined towards owning an EV due to 2 main reasons. Firstly, ease of driving (all the cars to date have been Manual and with the traffic intensifying, I wanted an Auto). Secondly, the cost of ownership. I actually went through multiple threads on having Solar Panels installed to have the running costs in check.

Come February, I started to physically visit showrooms. I was mainly looking for a budget car, maybe in 10-12L (as there is absolutely nothing in the space of 4-5L nowadays).


Being ambitious, the first car showroom I decided to visit was MG. It was the EV with the utmost range and I thought I could also take the car for longish drives as well. They never had a car to see in the showroom and only had 1 test drive car which was on charge (perks of EV). In the time I had to wait for the car to be charged, I was looking around and the Astor was there which was soon to be updated to the ZS EV as well. I must actually admire the quality of MG for the weight of the doors and the shut lines were crisp. When the car was ready, it was actually brought from the basement and I could hear a loud thunk. I was actually scared but the SA assured me it was nothing the GC was increased in the next MY and the batteries are well protected from elements.

Anyway, I continued with the test drive and it was an out-of-the-world experience. I’m a little finicky and I get irritated with the slightest of noises. The super silent drive train was amazing and it also meant you can hear the smallest of creaks. The cabin was super silent and the power train was doing its best pulling a huge grin on my face. Thoroughly enjoyed the driving experience. The rear seat comfort was something I was totally put off by. I thought will wait for the latest gen which was due in June.

Nexon EV

Thought of giving the best-selling E-SUV a trial before moving on as the showrooms were close by. Was impressed with what the car had to offer. Though the sales experience was below average with a huge crowd (despite it being a weekday). The powertrain was amazing, but the lack of adjusting Regen levels back then was a tad disappointing. Having the Ecosport, the Nexon would have never made it to our home.

Tata Tigor EV

This little vehicle actually caught my eye. I was mighty impressed with the space on offer and the tech it carried. Even the Boot mechanism was actually nice. Though the basic things like exposed wires and a few materials here and there seemed off. Also, the range of 120 km in real life was questionable. Though the motor was good for the job and seemed okay for city commutes. However, the price tag of 15+ Lakhs was not suitable for a car of this size.

That’s it, this was the end of EVs for me. I decided to go for the conventional Fossil Fuel vehicle for now and maybe come back to the EV space after a couple of years once the market had evolved.

Had always dreamt of owning a Skoda, ever since the YETI was launched, but it never actually translated. The Kushaq & Taigun Twins and the brewing news of a sedan launch were all around Social Media, and I was all ears. I didn’t have a specific need in mind but I really wanted a Sedan and an Automatic Transmission.

When they took the wraps off the Slavia, I went drooling over it for a few days and called showrooms to see the car in person. After a few days, I was able to get a confirmation of the vehicle’s arrival date in the showroom. Don’t remember the exact date though. But as I entered the Skoda showroom I was immediately drawn to the new baby in town with a flanking new Crystal Blue colour. Was immediately in love with the car. (by this time I had made up my mind to buy a Sedan, and was already looking to sell my ever-loved Civic). The Long Bonnet, the creases, and the pronounced waistlines all made it look exclusive. As the showroom was pretty crowded, I opted to test drive the Kushaq (as the Slavia was not yet available). Was offered the 1.0 as 1.5 was unavailable. Was not as impressed with the quality or driving as such, may be a badly maintained vehicle. Not Sure.

On Having a close look at the Slavia once again when the rush had eased off, My father wasn’t too happy with the quality of the vehicle overall. Mainly the copper band with ambient lighting and the floating screen which was not convincing him. Also checked out the Kushaq, and somehow he was not very impressed. On the other hand, me being me, just wanted a Car at the earliest. Knowing that the Virtus is gonna be launched soon, I managed to drag him to the sister company, Volkswagen. He was adamant about not going there as previously when we were scouting for cars, we visited VW Palace Cross, and the showroom was almost deserted with barely a couple of people on the floor, absolutely no cars on display and old Skeleton Model of the POLO in one corner when we went for enquiring on the Passat, and they didn’t have it on display and said would arrange for a test drive, but no revert.

Anyway, the past is past and I said with the 2.0 Strategy, they are planning to change all that. Let’s have a look at least.

On visiting the showroom, we were greeted well by one of the staff and taken around to see many Taigun’s as Virtus was far from launch. However, the SA was not very knowledgeable as is for most of the people in this industry. I say this with confidence as visiting car showrooms and trying out new launches was a hobby back in the 2010s and I have visited every showroom and every dealership. So as I was interacting with the SA, my dad was carefully observing the Taigun. They didn’t have any car for a test drive and we left to come back later. He was mighty impressed with the overall quality (of course most of the things do remain a concern), including the integrated Screen in the Dash and less creaky plastics and better feel overall. We decided to wait for a few weeks until we hear any news on the Virtus.

So the Wait began. Was trying to get any information I could on the launch date pricing etc ASAP. As I had already seen the Slavia and Taigun, was aware of what to expect, but to see it in the flesh is something right. Then the pre-booking started on 20th March 2022, I wasted no time and managed to visit the showroom and prebooked the Wild Cherry Red GT on 23rd March 2022.

Why GT you ask, well there has been a trend in my household of buying the top-end model or the highest available variant always be it bikes or cars. Personally, it feels better built and with the top-of-the-line variant, you always get what you want and probably more, and I don’t like fiddling with basic things as it spoils the car and shoddy jobs put me off.

Now is when the story actually starts.

From the prebooking to the actual Launch date of June 9 2022, seemed like light years of wait. In this courtship period, I spent quite a bit of time watching (should I say Binge watching) and reading reviews of Slavia, Kushaq Taigun and general VW & Skoda stuff. Including the dreaded topics of DQ 200

In between all this commotion, I had sealed a deal for my Airavat (Civic). With all the happiness of getting a new car, a 14+-year-old member of our family was leaving for the greater good. I really wanted a good buyer who would really take care of and maintain her (every one of us wants this don’t we). Guess what, a person living in my own locality just a few meters away from my house was the Buyer. I was extremely happy to give him the keys and Bid Adieu to a dear family member. It was a sad day for sure.

Shortly before launch the media drive started and I got to see the car in videos and was really impressed as it looked a lot different to the Slavia and felt like a much more complete package with the Full LED tail lights and headlights and the overall design Language of VW which was more sporty than the Understated Business look of Skoda.

Visited the showroom once in between to understand the delivery time after launch, display date etc, but all I was told was, ” Launch hone dijiye Sir, batayenge” (Let the vehicle Launch Sir, we’ll update). This was actually a common phrase I/WE’ll UPDATE until the car was actually delivered. Sometime at the end of May, the car was available on display and we as a family decided to visit the showroom to see the car in person. Everyone seemed happy, I was actually expecting the Amp+Sub combo like in Slavia (as there were words about discontinuing the 10″ screen on the Slavia anyway) but it was a basic 8-speaker setup. Anyway was glad they hadn’t downgraded to the 8″ Screen.

Post this when the Launch was announced, I was assuming the car to be delivered by 10th June. High Hopes. I was actually going crazy reading through and watching videos and posts that came on Virtus. However, the wait seemed never-ending. I may sound persistent (which I really was) and every 3-4 days I would call my SA if they got any allocations, the main reason being a change in Infotainment like Slavia. Every call would end with if you’re okay with any other colour, we can try speeding things up, to which I said okay just to be on the safer side. One day he somewhat sounded very confident and said “Jaldi Miljayega” (you’ll get it sooner). But I was sure nothing would happen, but the same day evening I got a call while driving back home from work, that a vehicle is allotted and I can get the delivery in 3 days. Was overjoyed, but when I confirmed the colour it was White. I was in a dilemma about whether to go for it or not. On discussing with my dad, considering my eerily long wait, he said if you really are so wanting to buy go ahead. I was not fully convinced but was also not wanting to wait anymore. Also, my family (my wife and my Son and also a new member to come being on the way) weren’t here which was of utmost importance. Somehow I convinced myself and put my “Greed before my Need”. I called up the dealership the next day and confirmed to go ahead with the purchase.

Wanted to do a PDI but were denied citing they have multiple brand cars and they cannot allow anyone in their stockyard. Being month end they wanted to make the sale at the earliest and the urgency was felt in every conversation. Had already planned the down payment and went ahead with the documentation the next day and was organizing for the Loan. The loan was not getting processed and it was taking time, and the usual tantrums and calls were very irritating and the dealership was not wanting to give any more time after 2 days, had to ask them to cancel the allocation and would take it at a later date. As they say “Jo Hota hai acche ke liye hota hai” (Whatever happens, happens for the good), I was actually at peace about not getting the car back then as I would have regretted not having my family with me all the time that I was driving the car. A few weeks of silence followed after this and I also got busy with the new addition to the family and work. Sometime in August end, I visited the dealership to understand the availability and also went ahead with the loan process with them. I was adamant about getting a RED GT this time around and was told to wait for a month or two. Considering my family would be back by Diwali, I was okay with that. However, in September I was made aware that RED is probably getting delayed and if an option of colour was provided, they can organize sooner. Was back to square one. However, I thought that possibly it’s the dealership who isn’t able to get as many allocations, and maybe if I have another booking elsewhere I might just get lucky. Went to multiple dealerships, but the answer was the same and I understood the ground reality. However, just to be safely made a booking with PPS VW (Hebbal), the manager was confident of allocating anything other than RED in 2022 itself and for RED it was post-February.

Meanwhile, VST VW had assured to get me of an allocation by Diwali. However, got an allocation for white once again and I just rejected that. It was whilst this discussion that I was told that red would take a lot more time and that only alternate colour options can get me the vehicle. Was truly irritated and just wanted to cancel the booking ad postpone the purchase. After a lot of sleepless nights and discussions, we came to the conclusion that we shall have a Blue if available by this year-end, or we shall wait until we actually get a RED, be it 3 or 6 months more. Was also considerate about the cost increase as already there was a revision by October and I was sure there would be another increase by 2023. So the end of October I was confirmed for Blue GT by the first week of November by VST. My family was convinced as well for the Blue and I waved a green Flag to get me the vehicle ASAP. Had plans of getting the vehicle delivered on 17th November (my Wife’s birthday) but somehow the vehicle was delayed and came to them only by 22 November. With all the formalities (w.r.t to loan and other registration documents etc.) completed by then, I wanted to do a PDI and guess what, I was offered to do so. I was pleasantly surprised as the last time I was denied (I guess this has to do with the new launch and they take advantage when they can of such things).

PDI & Delivery

Okay, so the day finally arrived when I was able to see my new car in the flesh, and in a colour I had never seen before. Went in for the PDI at the dealer stockyard, some 50 km from my place. Took a friend along to ensure I don’t get carried away. Listening and reading through the horror stories and issues I was really scared to actually see the car and reject in a PDI. However, on receiving the VIN, I was more confident as it was the same month as Manufacturing and also the MY 23.

26th November was the day I took some time out for doing the PDI. I wanted to do it in the morning but was caught up with work and hence decided to reach there before sunset. Reached the dealer stockyard around 4 PM it was tucked away in a remote industrial area where the roads were fairly non-existent and all I could see around were a few BMTC (local bus transport of Bangalore) buses and Semi Trucks in which cars are delivered. There was absolutely no marking or name to find the exact place, but thanks to Google Maps, ended up right in front of their stockyard gate. Was told to meet Mr X there and was given his no. He didn’t respond, my friend went inside to ask for the person and he was on leave. Moments later were informed that Mr Y shall be the contact and he came outside the stockyard (we were not let inside by the security until an escort arrived, did make us feel important though). We were asked to wait near the gate and the vehicle will be brought there.

As we were waiting looking at the massive number of cars, there were Kia’s, Mahindra & of course VW, out of the farthest line of cars I was able to spot some dust, and in no time was able to see Sapphire in her full glory with the bright LED’s shining and bouncing through the mud road she came and stood right in front of us, never knew I would be so happy to see the car in person. I was awestruck with the colour to be honest, though it is very similar to the Kinetic Blue on my Ecosport, the black wheels and roof and the overall use of chrome made it look really nice. The engine note was good to hear and we immediately got to work. I checked the car overall for scratches and dents and any damages to the exterior (however I missed a small spot on the driver’s fender, which was some dirt cleaned off in 1st service and a panel gap between the A-pillar and the Fender line on the co-drivers side, which apparently can’t be rectified and I’ve made peace with it for dhrishti, keeping evil at bay). There was nothing to complain about on the exterior and also checked the functioning of all the lights and key and sunroof mechanisms, ventilated seats AC etc. Though the car was dirty and could see a few smudge marks on the Piano Black trim and the Grey surround that runs across the Dash, was assured that it’ll be cleaned (which was obviously not done). Moving on I discussed with Mr Y if there was anything else specific to check (a dumb question but still went ahead) and the obvious reply was NOTHING. I wanted to check if there was any RED GT available to be doubly sure I wasn’t being played around and asked him if there was a yellow around which I would like to see, we roamed the entire stockyard there was a yellow topline and a red topline and also a Blue GT and other variants of Taigun and Virtus’ lying around. Being satisfied we greeted Mr Y and with a content smile left the place. Also informed my SA that I was ok with the car and shall go ahead with the purchase. One discomfort was about the Loan which was disbursed without my acknowledgement on confirmation by my SA to their finance Guy, which was obviously upsetting. However, after looking at the car and being satisfied I let it slide.

Now comes the date of delivery, we consider Wednesday to be auspicious but 30th November was somehow not convincing and we decided on 29th November for the delivery. Informed my SA that I shall be picking up the car by 10-10:30 and I’ve 2 kids, I really want it to be fast and they obliged.

The last two days were spent scouting accessories I might be in immediate need of after getting the car like Type C cables and floor mats (as I had opted out of standard accessories which I felt are not really worth the price). Monday we went scouting for a Ganesha Idol to affix on the dashboard but after hours of searching, I couldn’t find anything that would suit the car and was a bit afraid to take the car and drive her without the Mighty Elephant Lord to safeguard my possession. Went home a lil annoyed agitated and wanted a good sleep before the D Day. As it’s always been the case, you never get what you want and slept really late due to multiple things and of course KIDS. With the curiosity and anxiety of getting a new car, my mind was barely able to calm down and ended up sleeping really late.

The next day was literally a Hustle and we were on a tight schedule to leave by 9:30 – 10 am to ensure we are on time and can perform pooja right after delivery. The excitement was at an all-time high and went on doing everything I was asked to do without hesitation. The family was all excited and by 9:45 I got a call from my SA that the vehicle is ready and when we are going to reach. This was my final call to move out of the house and jump into the Uber XL that was booked a while ago. It was Chevrolet Tavera with no last-row seat and my 2-year-old son sat with my Father in the front I loaded the boot with floor mats from my Ecosport and my 4-month-old’s Stroller to keep her comfortable and hopped in the middle row which was populated by my Mom, Wifey and the little angel. I felt the Tavera isn’t as wide and felt slightly cramped and off we went bouncing on the dug-up roads in my locality. The maps showed a weird route and we got stranded twice due to Sewer works in my locality which further delayed our ETA. The vehicle was pretty bouncy and the driver was pretty rash as well (and adamant and egoistic) but that didn’t spoil my mood as I could only see the road leading to the destination. We arrived at the location by 11:45 am and my SA was waiting to greet me with all smiles. Had my family settled down and my Son was going GAGA over all the parked cars and gave a good exercise session to my DAD. Whilst I went ahead and closed off all the required paperwork and was given a beautiful gift – An Idol of Lord Ganesha, which I was looking all around the place for a day earlier. There was also a VW keyring and a box of chocolates.

Post all the formalities at the showroom, we went ahead for the delivery which was in the basement. I really wanted the delivery in the daylight, which was not an option. As we approached downstairs, the car was standing covered in a white satin cloth waiting to be unveiled which did create a bit of drama in the whole delivery experience. Was handed over the car keys and posed with a BIG VW KEY for the formal photographs. Was explained the basic functioning of the car (however a few key points which I expected were not explained, like the functioning of cornering lights, auto wipers, fuel to be used etc.) and I had a good look around the car to check for any damages or missing items. We settled down in a while with all 6 on board and managed to capture a short video of driving out of the delivery area. Had to reach the temple soon as the Pandit was in a hurry to leave and had to go back in the evening if we got late. Had a person waiting there with the garland and sweets and the pooja was done in a nice way. The white garland seemed to suit the Blue exteriors very well. I was cautious about where I wanted the KumKum and Haldi (as last time a few spots stayed put on the paint and there was nothing I could do). Wifey made a Swastik (right at the indent for the number plate, which could be covered if it decides to stick on ) and all the pooja processions were carried out nicely and were handed over 4 lemons to be crushed under the mighty 16″ black wheels and with that, the priestly work was over and he scooted off on his Activa. We decided to celebrate with a nice Lunch at Shiv Sagar in Mantri Square (why this place, well my new car can’t be given to the Valet or parked outside, so a mall is a safe-er place) and headed back home.

Also visited my office and shared savouries with my staff and clicked a few good pics of the GT. All in all the day ended well with the GT standing in my parking and I was the happiest person getting MY FIRST CAR.

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