Update: Davey G. Johnson, 1975-2019

Johnson in his element. Though he took up motorcycling relatively late in the game, he embraced the two-wheeled life wholeheartedly.

UPDATE: Automotive writer Davey G. Johnson’s body has reportedly been found in the Mokelumne River; cause of death is presumed to be accidental drowning.We’re still getting details on this unfolding situation, but we’re reposting the below information as we learn more.

A contributor to Car and Driver, and on assignment for Motorcyclist at the time of his disappearance, Johnson left his mark at Autoweek and Jalopnik, among other outlets. His work revealed his insatiable curiosity, his gift for exuberant and compelling writing — and a mind apparently hardwired for cultural references of varying degrees of obscurity and obliqueness.

What really mattered, even if those references sometimes soared over your head like a Cold War-era spy plane, was how Johnson got to the core of what makes this whole gearhead thing worthwhile. He could geek out about little-known European cars with the best of them, sure. But he also had a way of making you see that the machines we all love can, and indeed should, be a vantage point from which to view and understand the world around us, and a way to interact with the fascinating people in it, rather than simply mechanical ends in and of themselves.

Johnson leaves behind his girlfriend, fellow car writer Jaclyn Trop — whom he loved with characteristic depth and intensity — as well as legions of friends, colleagues and admirers-from-afar. He will be dearly remembered and his insight sorely missed.

Davey, doing his thing.

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