\u2018Hot Wheels Unleashed\u2019 Looks Like Controlled Chaos

There are few things more fun than covering your house in plastic tracks and watching the scale models tackle loops and jumps with the confidence of a driverless car. The natural downside is having to dismantle said tracks after your partner wants to “have dinner” or “not look like a child in front of guests.” If you want some of the satisfaction of playing with your favorite toy cars without the cleanup, you’re going to have to take these cars to the digital racetrack, and none have looked better than the upcoming Hot Wheels Unleashed.

The latest in a long list of video games, Hot Wheels Unleashed will do exactly what you expect: let you race Hot Wheels cars, digitally.

Developed by Milestone, the folks responsible for the MotoGP series and Ride have a good grasp of what it will take to make a successful racing game as well as a successful Hot Wheels game. Almost as important as the actual gameplay, Milestone is offering all the ways to play it. There will be a single-player mode, an online mode, and a couch co-op multiplayer mode, which means you’ll be able to play with your siblings in the same room or with friends across the globe.

Hot Wheels Unleashed will be available for the usual suspects, including Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One. Hot Wheels hasn’t forgotten PC players either, as there will be a computer version of the game as well. The downside: You won’t be able to play until the game launches this September. Until then, you can enjoy the cinematic trailer above.

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