Toto Wolff’s Ferrari F40 for sale

And you thought his SL Black Series was cool…

By Matt Bird / Friday, 20 January 2023 / Loading comments

It’s not often that a famous owner features more than once in a story like this. There’s Jay Kay, obviously, but most celebrity car portfolios either aren’t that interesting or – more likely – don’t come up for sale that often. After all, if you’d amassed some of the incredible cars nestled away in collections across the globe, why get rid?

Toto Wolff can be our first exception to the rule. You might remember his SL65 Black Series was for sale a little while back, presumably as there’s not time to use such an array of awesome cars as CEO of Mercedes-AMG F1. And anyone who owns an SL Black is a good egg in our book, besides the fact that Drive to Survive has painted Wolff in quite a favourable light as well. If you haven’t seen it, you’d like to have a beer and talk about limited-edition AMGs with him, put it that way. 

Now one more of Wolff’s cars is for sale, and it’s another that only furthers his petrolhead kudos. Because, as you’d probably deduced by now, it’s a Ferrari F40. For many, the definitive Ferrari – perhaps even the definitive supercar. The last car out of Maranello signed off by Enzo himself, a Ferrari so hardcore you could see carbonfibre through the paint, and with the infamous 201mph top speed thanks to a twin-turbo V8 wedged in the middle. It’s hard to have a car discussion of any kind without the F40 coming up at some point. It’s one of the icons for very, very good reason, regardless of who used to own it.

Even without Toto Wolff’s name on the title, this F40 is an interesting example, one of only 27 ever delivered new to Spain. A tiny portion of the 1,300 made in total, which is notable, even if the spec remains the same as other markets. Fresh from a restoration with a renowned Ferrari specialist in Italy, the F40 looks better even than it did on bedroom posters. With all due respect to Ferrari, it’s probably better now than when new in 1990, given F40s were never known as the pinnacle of supercar assembly.

This one is also Classiche certified, and is being sold with a wealth of history. It’s surely as good as an F40 is going to get, with the added bonus of coming from Toto Wolff’s collection. Oh yes, and it’s covered little more than a hundred miles a year, the odo currently showing 3,439 miles. So it ain’t going to come cheap. The only F40 currently on PH with an asking price showing is available at – wait for it – £2.3m, in case there was any doubt about just how much the entire world still loves the car. And how much they’re willing to pay for it. With the provenance of this one, plus the recent overhaul and spectacularly low mileage, you’d have to imagine the POA being in the £3m region. Which is going to be a chunk of any lotto win this weekend.

But then it’s hardly like the F40’s hallowed reputation, built up over 35 years of breathless road test praise and video superstardom, is going to take any kind of hit over the coming decades. As the electric supercar comes to the fore, so the reverence around the V6, V8, V10 and V12 legends of the past only looks set to go one way. And they don’t get any more iconic than the F40. Wonder what else Toto has stashed away for the next clearout?

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