This Is Probably The Next Audi RS6

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The ladies and gents at Audi Sport have been a particularly busy bunch of late, with Ingolstadt’s most exciting division preparing to reveal no less than six RS models. We shouldn’t have long to wait before the first one is here, either.

The above potato-spec teaser photo was posted on the Audi Deutschland Facebook page, and it’s pretty obvious what’s hiding under the low-res sheet. The profile and rear light clusters look an awful lot like those of the A6 Avant, and we can see a lovely blistered wheel arch cheekily jutting out. What we’re looking at is almost certainly the new ‘C8’ Audi RS6.

Audi is promising to show off the car during an event at Audi City Berlin in September for Audi Sport driver’s club members. We already know some of the details, though. It will – of course – have quattro all-wheel drive, and feeding that system will be a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8.

This displacement matches that of the C7 RS6 (below), but the C8’s unit will be an all-new engine developed in collaboration with Porsche. Audi’s colleagues in Stuttgart have already been using the engine for the Panamera and Cayenne Turbo models, each running at 542bhp.

The C7 Audi RS6 will soon receive its successor in the form of the C8, powered by a Porsche co-developed V8

With the old RS6 Performance developing 597bhp, though, we’d expect the new one to be producing much more than 542bhp. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see it kick out over 600bhp once its own Performance version arrives.

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